Ikea U.K. Created the Cutest 'Cat-alogue' of Pet Furniture and Kitties Seeking Homes

Don't worry, there's a 'Dog-alogue,' too

Ikea U.K. is promoting its new range of pet furniture and toys with a "Cat-alogue" and "Dog-alogue," featuring animal pals seeking fur-ever homes. The brand partnered with Woodgreen Pets Charity on the initiative, pairing its Utsådd collection with cats and dogs ready for adoption.

Check out behind-the-scenes footage below. (Call the paw-lice, this much cuteness is criminal!)

IKEA | Cat-alogue and Dog-alogue

Woodgreen has seen a 62 percent rise in abandoned pets, along with many owners looking to give up their pets due to financial hardship. Last year, the charity helped more than 8,800 pets.

"At Ikea, we believe that pets are family," says Michaela Quinlan, company spokesperson. "Our goal was to develop a collection of products that our cats and dogs love and that their human parents can feel good about and truly enjoy having as part of their home. We hope this partnership not only raises awareness of adoptions but also provides solutions and inspiration of how to create a comfortable living space for furry companions."

Items from the collection can be purchased in-store and online, and include items tied to eating, sleeping, playing and hiding—the necessities for all cats and dogs.

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