You Want Action and Adventure? Head to Pinterest!

Remember: 'The P Is for Performance'

Pinterest goes full-on wacky, Hollywood style, in a B2B push that's self-consciously cheesy as hell.

With tongues firmly in cheeks, two adventurous gals (Cassie Clare and Hanna Stanbridge) star in action-spoof scenarios. Speeding trains, wild car chases, racing snowmobiles and a volcano come into play.

But Blofeld types bent on world domination aren't hot on their trail. Instead, their adversaries are "Marketers under pressure from high expectations and lower budgets."

So, naturally, our heroines inform their pursuers, "With Pinterest's new performance products, you can see an over 90 percent increase in traffic."

Pinterest | Car Chase

There's nothing new here. Lots of brands go the goofy movie route. In fact, Pinterest's effort feels almost like a spoof of spoofs. Overly familiar yet funny, these send-ups certainly entertain.

Comedy vet Tim Godsall, who directed winners for Halo Top and Uber Eats, maintains a fast pace with B2B jargon doing double duty as punchlines and selling points. Corey Burton, the trailer narrator for Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, provides faux-dramatic voiceovers.

Pinterest | Train

"In order to tell the story of Pinterest's high performance in the lower funnel, we went all in on high performance, high action mini films designed to turn heads for performance marketers by literally speaking their language," Pinterest VP of global creative Xanthe Wells tells Muse. "Our idea was to play off of action movie tropes through the decades, so each film naturally had its own period aesthetic."

For example, the high-speed mountain chase leans into '70s Foxy Brown, while the volcano setting channels '60s James Bond.

"Wardrobe and makeup had to telegraph the decades instantly but with a modern twist. Think high action, but high style, too," Wells says.

Pinterest | Snowmobile

"We set out to do as much practically, in camera, as we could," Wells recalls. "In the fast filmmaking world of today, we were surprised that finding the perfect footage to project behind our actors would take weeks and weeks of searching and combing through stock to find a few usable seconds."

"There's a different feeling and emotion the audience gets from something that feels like it was made by humans. The handmade feel also felt true to who we are as a brand—Pinterest is all about making things, trying things, handmade creativity."

Pinterest | Volcano

"On set, we had snow blowers, giant fan machines with rotating tree branches, and real fire (thank you, Toronto Fire Department)," Wells says. "The top of the train was on a compression 'air mattress' set-up that moved as our talent moved. The red sports car was operated with hand-held hydraulics. All of it helped create a sense of real 'high action' and hands-on filmmaking."

The work drops today across social, programmatic and trade channels in the  U.S., U.K. and Australia, with more markets added in coming months.

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