Yogi and Boo-Boo Raid a Cookout in Geico's Pop-Culture Crossover

They're still smarter than the av-er-age bears

Classic cartoon bears Yogi and Boo-Boo raid a live-action cookout in Geico's nostalgic pic-a-nic basket of a commercial.

The shaggy pair make quick work of corn on the cob, grilled chicken and T-bone steaks, then grab a piping-hot cobbler to go.

Yogi Bear Joins the BBQ - GEICO Insurance

The Martin Agency based the ursine spot—which touts bundling home and car insurance—on the insight that folks who live in wooded or mountainous areas often have problems with wildlife searching for food. So, casting Yogi and Boo-Boo for an ad set in bear country felt like a natural fit.

"We've seen time and time again that when we spotlight characters, celebrities or musical artists in unexpected ways, the work simply gets talked about and amplified more in social," senior writer Ken Marcus tells Muse. "This helps bring more attention to our core messaging and our clients' brands."

Tapping into culture seems apt for Geico, given the iconic status of the insurer's own campaigns. A few months back, the company introduced a new generation to Tag Team's Clinton-era ear-worm "Whoomp! (There It Is)," while its 2019 commercial with John Stamos left many in stitches. Past Geico pitch-toons include Casper the Friendly Ghost, Dora the Explorer and Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Martin believes Yogi and Boo-Boo—introduced by iconic animators Hanna-Barbera in 1958—will strike a chord with viewers of a certain age.

"The homeowner audience skews slightly older," Marcus says, "so they can appreciate seeing these beloved Warner Brothers characters they grew up with, now in a new light."

Previously, Yogi indulged his taste for commercials with Rocket Mortgage and Boomerang Channel TV. 


Client: Geico
Joe Pusateri - Vice President, Marketing
Amy Furman - Assistant Vice President, Marketing
Gary Aurand - Director, Marketing
Tom Perlozzo - Senior Manager, Marketing
Tim Ware - Supervisor II, Marketing
Olivia Ashby - Program Lead II, Marketing
Brighid Griffin - Program Lead I, Marketing
Rese Chorpening - Program Lead I, Marketing
Allison Eckert - Brand Team Planner, Marketing 

Agency: The Martin Agency
Neel Williams - Group Creative Director
Ken Marcus - Senior Copywriter
Sean Riley - Creative Director
Kate Placentra  - Associate Creative Director
Matt Mattox – Group Account Director
Jon Glomb – Account Director
Allie Waller – Account Supervisor
Juan Pelaez – Account Executive
Justin West – Account Coordinator
Heather Collier – Executive Producer
Brian Camp – Producer
Dylan Heimbrock – Senior Producer
Heather Hartman – Project Manager
Suzanne Wieringo – Business Affairs Supervisor
Lauren Garrett – Business Affairs Coordinator
Monica Cox – Sr. Financial Affairs 

Production: O Positive
Brian Billow – Director
Ralph Laucella – Executive Producer
Devon Clark – Head of Production
Grayson Bithell – Producer 

Editorial: MackCut
Ian Mackenzie – Editor
Cooper McLane – Assistant Editor
Gina Pagano – Executive Producer 

Color + Finishing: The Mill
Ade Macalinao – Producer
Fergus McCall – Head of Color
Anastasia Von Rohl – Executive Producer
Chris Knight – Creative Director 

Audio: TBD Post
Dusty Albertz – Sound Design + Mix
Karen Jacobs – Executive Producer

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