Geico's New Spot With John Stamos Will Have You in Stitches

Martin Agency, Full House star knit a winner

The Martin Agency's latest ad for Geico informs viewers that the insurance company is offering an extra 15 percent credit on car and motorcycle policies. That's 15 percent on top of what Geico could already customers.

"So what are you waiting for? John Stamos to knit you a scarf?" the voiceover asks.

Naturally, the Full (and Fuller) House actor shows up and makes with the needles:

Now, that yarn should keep viewers—wait for it—in stitches. (Good thing Jesse got out of quarantine.)

Stamos becomes the latest celeb to appear in Geico's "What Are You Waiting For?" ads following amusing turns by DJ Khaled and Idina Menzel:

"We wanted our celebs for these spots to be universally likable across different age groups," Martin group creative director Neel Williams tells Muse. "Fans have loved John Stamos for decades now. We also wanted celebs who maybe you haven't seen in a commercial before, like Idina Menzel or DJ Khaled. And perhaps we'll get to show an unexpected comedic side to their personalities. We heard that's a big reason they wanted to work with Geico."

All three stars, filmed remotely at home in recent months, deliver the funny. Suave Stamos, ever the method actor, improvised that chill knitting-needle spin/yarn-ball stab.

"He kept doing it for fun in between takes, and the director liked it and found a way to incorporate it into the spot," recalls Martin senior producer Brian Fox.

This particular Geico campaign ends in October, when that extra 15 percent credit expires. Of course, the client's been known to cast its beloved commercial characters in new situations from time to time, and even re-run classic spots. Perhaps Stamos will follow that pattern.


Client Credits:
Joe Pusateri: Vice President, Marketing
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