Uncommon Nails Artful Approach for U.K. DIY Chain

Another stylish outing from B&Q

To defy gravity, you need the right tools.

Enter U.K. DIY chain B&Q and creative studio Uncommon. Today, the pair launched a visually engaging short film that opens with barbecue grills, lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, paint cans, toilet seats and other items dangling on cords in mid-air.

Astute observers will notice that the merch appears tethered to the ground and floats upward. After that, things get a little weird.

A surreal ballet ensues as the merch breaks free and, ultimately, merges to form a stylized hammer. 

"Spring is always an important time of year for our customers, who turn their attention to resetting their gardens and giving their inside spaces a makeover," says B&Q marketing director Tom Hampson. "With rising prices across household bills, we know the dynamics will be different this year, but we still want to help our customers make the most of spring. That's why we've nailed down prices on hundreds of essential products. We're so pleased to be launching our 'Prices. Nailed' campaign to shout about it."

B&Q and Uncommon have made similar noise before, most notably with their extraordinary flpppy-house commercial last year. And playful OOH with a mobile phone motif and Bowie soundtrack broke a few weeks back.

For "Prices. Nailed." the team shot with an inverted camera, and cut down items suspended from the studio ceiling one at a time. You can learn more about the production here.

The :60 will run on TV, VOD and social with outdoor elements in the mix soon.


Project Name: "Prices. Nailed."
Client: B&Q
Creative Studio: Uncommon

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks UK x Revolver
Director: The Glue Society
Producer: Tom Birmingham
Managing Director: Rupert Reynolds-MacLean
Executive Producer: Samantha Chitty
Head of Production: Polly Du Plessis
Production Manager: Adam Oyejobi
Director of Photography: Krzysztof Trojnar
Production Designer: Mark Connell
Stylist: Molly Robinson
Hair and Make Up: Poppy France
Editing Company: Tenthree
Editor: David Whittaker
Post Production: Electric Theatre Company
Exec Producer: Vic Lovejoy
Producer: Joe Billington
VFX Supervisors: James Sindle and Amy Smith
2D Lead: Amy Smith
Comp: Tane Welham
Comp: Catarina Goncalves
Grade: Jason Wallis
Sound: String and Tins
Audio Post Production: String and Tins
Sound Design: Adam Smyth
Audio Mix: Joe Wilkinson
Audio Producer: Olivia Endersby
Music Supervision: King Lear
Music Supervisors: Sarah Giles & Kaya Pino

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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