Tubi's More Popular Than Divorce, Babies and Old Faithful

It also beats wall-mounted drinking fountains!

"It's more popular than wall-mounted dual-actuating drinking fountains."

Tubi makes that weirdly random claim in funny work breaking today from Mischief @ No Fixed Address. The campaign aims to dispel the Fox-owned streamer's status as a challenger brand, 

Ads directed in silly, surreal style by Andreas Nilsson compare Tubi's more than 75 million viewers—way up from a year ago—to all sorts of "popular" stuff. Note the quote marks. In these commercials, the notion of "popularity" is loosely (and numerically) defined.

And in each case, of course, Tubi comes out ahead. Sorry, drinking fountains.

Tubi | Fountains

"We wanted to show advertisers our scale by adding context to our numbers that show our scale in a fun, irreverent way," a Tubi rep tells Muse.

What's more, "We often hear that Tubi feels like something viewers have discovered and that we're the best kept secret in streaming. So, we wanted viewers to know the secret is out and they are among millions of other Tubi lovers," the rep says.

Divorce plays into the campaign, too, along with babies and Old Faithful (a fountain of sorts, though not wall mounted).

Tubi | Divorce
Tubi | Babies
Tubi | Old Faithful

"Old Faithful erupts roughly every hour and 15 minutes and when we arrived on set, storm clouds were approaching quickly," the rep recalls. "We were in the middle of a safety briefing with park rangers and the team had to scramble to get the shot with a bit of blue sky. That opening scene was shot on a hand held camera over the shoulder."

Tubi and Mischief are all about irreverent marketing. This latest effort earns extra points for using actual data to entertainingly lampoon data-driven hype while still delivering a compelling brand message.

Past efforts include 2023's lauded Super Bowl spot with giant creepy bunnies, cinema send-ups all about the thrills of media buying, and exceptionally wacky sitcom spoofs.


Chief Marketing Officer - Nicole Parlapiano
Senior Vice President, B2B Marketing - Cynthia Clevenger
Vice President, Brand and Consumer Marketing - Jeff Campbell
Senior Program Manager - Tiana Harris 
Director, Media - Leisha Bereson

CCO and Co-Founder - Greg Hahn
Partner & Executive Creative Director - Bianca Guimaraes
Partner & Executive Creative Director - Kevin Mulroy
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CD - Eleanor Rask
EVP, Production - Will Dempster
Senior Producer - Hannah Kessler
Partner & Head of Strategy - Jeff McCrory
EVP, Strategy - Ed Gunn
Strategist - Hannah Hugeback
Partner & President - Kerry McKibbin
Managing Director - Tyler Harris
Group Account Director - Sam Crawford
Account Supervisor - Anthony Williams 
Partner & Head of Development - Oliver McAteer

Director: Andreas Nilsson
Founding Partner: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Holly Vega
Producer: Cathy Green & Jay Veal
Head of Production: Sean Moody
Director of Photography: Lasse Frank
Production Designer: Jon Blud
Costume Designer: Claudia Martins
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Music - Human
Executive Producer - James Wells

VP, Client Operations & Delivery - Petra Simpson
Senior Production Artist - Gavin Gillespie
Senior Production Artist - John Rodrigues
Studio Manager - Sheila Jacklin

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