Tubi and Mischief Return With TV and Movie Spoofs

Some ads target football fans, too

Wacky sitcom neighbors are everything. No matter what they do—even if they just stand around with blank expressions—laughter's always close behind.

Fox-owned video on-demand service Tubi spins such a scenario in this awesomely awkward :30 from Mischief @No Fixed Address, one of several spots launching today:

Tubi | Laughter

That guy said something. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Other amusing entries goof on hunky-lifeguard romcoms (that's a thing?), hardboiled crime dramas and musicals with dance routines that get waaay out of hand:

Tubi | Choreography
Tubi | Cig Boat
Tubi | Lifeguard

I've got abs like that!

As you might recall, Tubi and Mischief won the Super Clio for the best Big Game ad of 2023. Their kooky/creepy rabbits hopped high above the commercial competition.

Alas, this new flight doesn't rise to that level, and such spoofery's nothing new. But it's extremely well done, with sharp scripts and snappy production values. The approach should have broad appeal.

"In our first big consumer campaign post-Super Bowl, we wanted to show that Tubi doesn't just scratch the surface of different genres and sub-genres," says Mischief creative director Carl Peterson. "But that you can actually go really deep on them. Like, if you're really into crime dramas about narcos, Tubi has days' worth instead of just a few hours' worth. This led us to the idea that on Tubi, the things you love just keep going and going and going and going."

The actual tagline, "Just Keeps Going," harkens back to an entirely different bunny.

Other clips target football fans in local markets, with team names like Giants, Cowboys and Bears cueing footage from genre flicks, nature docs, action films and more.

Tubi | Giants

"There is no shortage of content available these days and many people are overwhelmed with choice but what’s unique about Tubi is you can continue to watch the obscure things you love without ever getting that empty feeling like you’ve reached the end of your favorite series," says brand CMO Nicole Parlapiano. "This campaign is an homage to and celebration of our passionate viewers and their individual tastes, and with it, we are aiming to meet them where they are in a contextually relevant way."

And here's some spiffy OOH that keeps the message going:

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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