'Together We Make' Positions WeTransfer as a True Creative Workflow Partner

Babymetal and Tolu Coker cut through the clutter

In ads breaking today, Japanese band Babymetal chooses an album-cover mascot and fashion designer Tolu Coker takes a dress from concept to runway—both using WeTransfer's latest features.

Creative agency Preacher, production company Partizan and media shop Noble People devised the global campaign for the cloud-based file transfer and collaboration company, which recently added portals and project reviews to its menu.

Dubbed "Together We Make," the push illustrates how WeTransfer can efficiently bring ideas to life—without the fuss of feedback loops and irritating tech hiccups.

WeTransfer - New Features - Album Cover - featuring Babymetal
WeTransfer - New Features - Fashion Show - featuring Tolu Coker

"We aimed to tackle the chaos of the review process—but if you've seen one product demo, you've seen them all," WeTransfer VP of marketing Julia Shapiro tells Muse. "We knew we needed to break through category tropes and create something that felt as unique and creative as our audience."

The brand tapped Babymetal and Coker because "both provided an excellent opportunity to show WeTransfer's new features in an authentic way," explains Preacher creative director Zach Watkins. 

Those choices, glamorous yet relatable, feel more like audience peers than celebs. Such creators make great endorsers, because they probably would use the products in the ways depicted on screen.

"We're able to illustrate the back-and-forth from start to finish," Watkins says. "And instead of faking it, we're featuring finished work that actually makes its way into the real world."

Speaking of which, the campaign also features eye-catching billboards in New York, L.A. and Miami:

"The goal of the OOH is to hammer home the ability to see a project through from its inception, such as rough sketches, to its final polished form," Watkins says. "As with our films, we're showing actual designers, game developers, photographers and fashion designers to showcase authentic workflows."

"Together We Make" also includes a video series from Vox about elite creators, Twitch streamers developing custom content in real-time, and a wearable NFT designed by Coker and artist Clara Bacou.

"We hope people will begin to see WeTransfer in a new way," Shapiro says. "Not just for the final delivery of a project, but as their partner throughout the creative review process."

The initiative continues WeTransfer's culturally attuned approach. Past efforts include outings with FKA twigs and Grimes, immersive art experiences, and ads celebrating the power of doubt and uncertainty to spark innovation. What's more, the company allocates 30 percent of its ad space to support artists and local causes, and in 2018 launched WePresent, an editorial platform sharing stories from around the globe.


WeTransfer | Together We Make Campaign 

Spot Titles:
Together We Make/Tolu Coker :30
Together We Make/Baby Metal :30
Due Dates/Baby Metal :15 / :06
Portals/Baby Metal :15/:06
Approvals/Tolu Coker :15/:06
Comments/Tolu Coker :15/:06
Set Up Review/Tolu Coker :15/:06
From Start to Finish/Baby Metal :06

Client: WeTransfer
Chief Executive Officer: Damian Bradfield 
Executive Creative Director: Nessim Higson 
VP, Marketing, Julia Shapiro 
Marketing Brand Manager: Megan Falcon
Senior Director of Digital Marketing: Faye Ehrich
Project Manager Marketing: Tessa Pauw

Agency: Preacher 
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Baird
Chief Executive Officer: Krystle Loyland
Chief Strategy Officer: Seth Gaffney
Creative Director: Zach Watkins
Creative Director: Marcus Brown
Senior Copywriter: Andrew Singleton 
Senior Art Director: Jeff Anderson
Brand Director: Katie Gibson
Brand Manager: Taylor Jansen
Strategy Director: Marika Wiggan
Strategist: Zachary Stubblefield 
Executive Producer: Stacey Higgins
Producer: Oscar Thomas
Business Affairs: Miiko Martin

Production Company: Partizan
Exec Producer Animation: Angela Foster
Exec Producer Live-Action: Kimi Porter Thomas
Head of Production: Ani Mikirdichian
Producer: Dan Sormani
Line Producer: Russell Curtis/UK – shot in Bulgaria
Casting: Matheis International Casting
Director:  Picnic Studio
Creative Director: Liam O'Connor
Exec Producer: Mina Song
Head of Production: Daniela Hornskov Sun

Music Supervisor: Patrick Oliver
Baby Metal Track: Baby Metal "Pa Pa Ya"
Tolu Coker Track:  The Funkees "Akula Owu Onyeara"

Post: TBD Post
Editor: Jessica Lund
Sound Engineer: Dusty Albertz
Producer: Francess Tom-Sahr/ Joel Pettit
Color: Tim Masick/ Company 3
Conform: Dennis Valk

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