Thanks to Andreas Nilsson, Velveeta's 'La Dolce' Campaign Got Subtly Cheesier

These droll ads will keep you guessing

Swedish director Andreas Nilsson—that master of commercial absurdity who gave us Volvo's "Epic Split"—goes behind the camera for the latest entries in Kraft Heinz's "La Dolce Velveeta."

Developed with Johannes Leonardo, the campaign debuted in 2021, offering Fellini-esque shorts saturated with broad cheesy humor. Now, Velveeta spoons up a fresh helping of funny fare that we enjoyed more than the originals. That stuff leaned on the gloppy, silly side. (Which, of course, seems entirely on brand.) While the new work isn't radically different, it drips with subtlety more suited to our taste.

First, we learn the identity of a chill dude's companion on a cross-country drive:

Surprise, it's nachos (and no stained upholstery). That might be the best ad we've seen in years where basically nothing happens. We couldn't look away. Well played, processed-cheese-product people!

Next, a similarly paced entry with another low-key, satisfying reveal that stands up to repeat viewings:

That boot's just too darn kickin'.

Finally, a woman enjoys some product as folks pass her on either side...

...and that's it! That's all that happens. No explosions. Or screaming. Or frantic dancing. Or chases. Or cheese flying left and right. Yet, it's compelling and somehow almost subversive.

Less = more in all three spots, mini-feasts of fun that amuse without getting predictably sloppy-gloppy.

"Velveeta people are different," says JL creative lead Lannie Hartley. "They don't care what people think about what they enjoy. They just enjoy it. There's an inherent confidence there that’s worth acknowledging. So this year was all about shining a light on that signature bit of attitude and cool that embodies those who live 'La Dolce Velveeta.'"

To give the new work a fresh flavor, "We spent a lot of time and effort, going through lots of selections to find just the right people—the ones who didn't have to fake it, but just showed up and owned the room with nothing more than a spoonful of Velveeta," Hartley says.

"When it came to filming 'Breeze,' we got to travel a few hours outside Mexico City into the desert in the true middle of nowhere," he recalls. "We did rehearsal after rehearsal, and when it came time for that perfect golden-hour lighting‚ we had 30 minutes to get our film. The take on screen is the last take of the day."


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David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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