Tiffany & Co. Opens a Window Into Its Bejeweled World

Celebrating classic in-store designs

What if your world was a diamond-dappled playground, bathed in blue hues and decorated with ginormous gift boxes from Tiffany & Co.?

You'd be living inside the brand's latest ad campaign, that's what.

TBWA\Chiat\Day L.A., director Dan Tobin Smith and Tiffany's internal team developed the initiative. It pays homage to Gene Moore, who created iconic window displays for the store.

They achieved the dreamy-pricey vibe almost entirely in camera through a mix of detailed miniatures (all the rage these days), oversized mock-ups, animated projections and tricks of perspective.

For some shots, a smoke machine was used to create clouds. Set designer Rachel Thomas contributed to the effort. Its theme, "With Love, Since 1837," reflects the brand's heritage.

Ads "tell the origin story of each collection, highlighting the Lock bracelet, Jean Schlumberger Sixteen Stone ring and HardWear jewelry, among others.

Breaking today, the hero :30 will run across digital platforms, with print elements in the mix.

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