Stella Artois 'Understands' Why Its Chalices Get Stolen

'Unacceptable, yet understandable'

Stella Artois chalices are so coveted, they grow legs and walk out of bars on the regular. The brand leaned heavily into that notion, creating a line of clothing to make it easier for patrons to swipe a chalice or two.

And the brand continues to embrace such thievery as a form of flattery in a print, radio and TV campaign. It's running in Chile, created by DAVID New York.

The TV spot portrays the chalices as important members of a family, proudly on display next to the good stemware, drying in the sink, even enrobed in bubble wrap for a safe move.

Stella Artois | Missing Chalices

Print ads follow suit, with Stella chalices the standout glassware next to the matching sets. All "Unacceptable, yet understandable."

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"The Chalice is a unique and distinctive brand asset for Stella Artois and ever since its introduction decades ago, consumers have been 'borrowing' it from the brand," says Andre Toledo, CCO at DAVID New York. "Rather than condemning the practice, we wanted celebrate it as one more proof of the Stella Artois worth."

Radio spots give an Ocean's 11 vibe, with friends discussing how they'll pull off each heist.

Stella Artois Missing Chalices | The Veraggio
Stella Artois Missing Chalices | The Belgian Job
Stella Artois Missing Chalices | On Top Of This

Agency: DAVID New York
Campaign: Missing Chalices
Client: Stella Artois
Global CCO & Partner: Pancho Cassis
Global COO: Sylvia Panico
Chief Creative Officer: André Toledo
Creative Director: Linus Oura, Sébastien Rouvière
Associate Creative Director: Guilherme Pinheiro
Managing Director: Luiza Prata Carvalho
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Head of Production: Brenda Morrison Fell
Senior Producer: Este Najera
Associate Producer: Sophie Fried
Business Affairs Director: Barbara Karalis
Business Affairs Manager: Catalina Pena
Global PR Director: Sandra Azedo

Client: ABInBev (Stella Artois)
Global VP Premium Co: Richard Oppy
Global VP Stella Artois: Tim Ovadia
Global Marketing Director: Andre Amaral
Premium Brands Manager: Camila Plass
Marketing Director: Lina Maria Aguirre
Marketing Brand Manager: Diego Soffia

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Director: Rafa Damy
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Head of Production: Paty Silveira
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Cauê da Silva Pereira: First Assistant Director

Pickle Music
ECD: Alexis Estiz
Managing Director: James Zavaleta
Producer: Matt Kerr
Associate Producer: Carolina Lage
Composer/Engineer: Dario Calequi

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