These Clothes Help You Steal Stella Artois Chalices From Bars

Who doesn't love multi-purpose apparel?

We've seen this happen IRL, and apparently the folks at Stella Artois have, too. The brand's chalice is a step above your typical pint glass. This results in countless SA goblets exiting the premises, often hidden in the folds of patrons' coats.

Now, an apparel line called "Steal Artois" embraces this beery fact of life. VML Chile, David New York and Rebolucion developed the fashions. And they're designed to help thieves—er, fans—get Stella drinkware out the door.

Here's a closer look at the hat, vest, skirt and jackets serving many purposes:

"Many people, including everyone on the team has a fun experience with this insight," says Raimundo Undurraga, CCO of VML Chile. "For my part, a friend of mine was in a bar and said to my wife when we were leaving, 'don't move your coat too much because I put a glass in the pocket.'"

Kind of like this guy and his fake arm:

Print, online and digital elements drive users to, where fans can enter to win some garb.

Click images to enlarge:

We're hoping a future apparel drop involves a shirt with puffy sleeves, ideally-sized to conceal the glassware.


CCO Latam: Martín Nino Goldberg
Deputy CCO Latam: Daniel Minaker / Sebastian Tarazaga
CCO Chile: Raimundo Undurraga
VP Creative Chile: Samer Zeidan
Regional Connector: Facundo Palacios
Creative Directors: Jaime Cano / Jaime Diaz / Felipe Oliva
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Art Directors: Martin Crespo / Sebastian Castillo / Paul Veloso / Constanza Galaz / Andy Pallavecini
Agency Producer: Constanza Valdés
Client Service Director: Oriol Albella
Account Director: Patricia Lillo
Account Executive: Daniela Rojas

Global CCO & Partner: Pancho Cassis
Global COO: Sylvia Panico
Global CSO: Paula Vampre
Managing Director: Luiza Prata Carvalho
CCO: André Toledo
Creative Director: Linus Oura
Associate Creative Director: Guilherme Pinheiro
Head of Production: Brenda Morrison Fell
Senior Producer: Tomas Diego
Associate Producer: Sophie Freid
Account Director: Hanna Borresen

Production House: Rebolucion
Film Director: Ivan Vescovo
Executive Producer: José Romero

Sound Production: Clio
Prints Retouching: Mr. Pixel
Custome Designer: Sol Canievsky

Global Marketing Director: Andre Amaral
Growth Director: Guillermo Martinez
Marketing Director: Lina Aguirre
Marketing Manager: Camila Plass
Marketing Brand Manager: Diego Soffia
Marketing Coordinator: Daniela Arevalo

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