Questlove Makes Headlines in Droga5's Latest NYT Campaign

Celebrating the stories that drive his creativity

The New York Times explores the roots of Questlove's creativity in a fresh installment of the media giant's "Independent Journalism for an Independent Life" campaign from Droga5.

A 90-second film directed by Joshua Kissi follows the Academy Award-winning Roots bandleader (aka, Ahmir Khalib Thompson) to Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village, with narration and on-screen text derived from actual NYT headlines and copy.

Sometimes the words mention the man himself. Sometimes they reflect his many passions and interests. In the end, a kind of audio-visual poem describing Questlove emerges, driven by "Black Sugar," a jazzy track from the Three Sounds.

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The work represents an evolution and expansion of the template introduced in February, when the NYT deployed headlines to illustrate its relationship with readers. Now, a celebrity comes into focus—and we get a Wordle plug, too.

In addition to the Questlove spot, which will initially appear in cinemas and online, the Times is launching a digital experience allowing subscribers to create personalized "Story Portraits" based on NYT journalism they consume.

Here's Questlove's portrait from the ad (though subscriber versions won't include a headshot):

Below, the campaign's creators take us deeper into the story:

Muse: How'd you hook up with Questlove? Why cast him, specifically?

Amy Weisenbach, SVP, head of marketing, NYT: In the first iteration of the campaign, we set out to spotlight subscribers who are as dynamic and multifaceted as our journalism. Questlove, who's subscribed since 2020, is an award-winning filmmaker, drummer, DJ, producer, director, culinary entrepreneur and author. He really defines curiosity, continuing to expand who he is and what he brings to the world. He is an avid reader, serious (daily!) New York Times Games player, and he even sketches on the Sunday paper. Earlier this year, he contributed a guest essay about his passion for collecting. He is the perfect example of how journalism can inspire you to pursue new passions and expand your world.

How'd you pick the director?

Laurie Howell, executive creative director, Droga5: Distilling a personality like Ahmir's into any film—let alone into this kind of creative construct—is not easy. It was integral to find a collaborator who was able to capture strong, beautiful images and connect with Ahmir and help push the campaign's next chapter. Joshua Kissi was perfect for this. A Ghanian-American filmmaker/photographer, Joshua has always been drawn tow the topic of identity. That experience showed in this work, where he beautifully captured Ahmir independent life in an honest and poetic way.

Can you talk a bit about making the film?

Laurie Howell: Great, deep, conversations with Ahmir led to a good base to build the story of woven headlines. That has always been the starting point with this campaign—understanding the subscriber and getting into who they are, how they live and what they've read. The film was predominantly shot in and around NYC, showing the sides of the city that mean most to Ahmir, from Harlem to Electric Lady Studios.

How does this iteration mesh with your broader marketing mission?

Toby Treyer-Evans, executive creative director, Droga5: Earlier this year, we launched the campaign with seven subscribers to celebrate the intersection of journalism and readers' lives. Now, we've jumped into the world of someone many of us recognize, who has a lot of interests and stories to tell. Both iterations of the campaign lead us to think, is there a way to create a version of these portraits for every single Times subscriber? Partnering with the NYT creative team and Hello Monday, we developed an algorithm that pulls a reader's most-read articles from their history, and beautifully lays them out, filling a square frame to match the campaign films.

So every subscriber can become a story unto themselves, is that right?

Amy Weisenbach: The in-app experience analyzes reading habits to develop a shareable headline composite drawing from over 50,000 Times articles. The experience customizes a color background, too. The result is a personalized portrait that depicts how what you read reflects who you are. Our internal team became obsessed with the tool as we tested the beta version prior to launch. We think subscribers are going to have fun seeing what their reading history says about them, and it will spark fun conversations with family and friends.


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