Q Mixers Can Fix Your Cocktails. But Not Your Crackpot Family

And it's pretty useless during an AI apocalypse (probably)

Alas, Q Mixers can't do a damn thing about your tech-bro cousin who wears VR goggles at the holiday dinner table and carries on like a Silicon Valley cliché.

But Q can help you fix cocktails. Isn't that enough?

The brand explains its position in fresh ads from Cornett.

Q Mixers | Tech-Bro Cousin

Commercials are full of exasperating cousins these days. But your auntie, uncle and granny seem ... nice?

Though Q can't "fix" the festivities per se, imbibing might make sharing holiday meals with those goofballs more palatable. (Fill ours to the brim!)

Titled "Q It Up," the work "showcases our ethos—we take good drinks and moments that matter seriously, but never ourselves," says brand marketing director Jocelyn Hurley. "Also, it helps crystallize the benefit of Q Mixers in a relatable way. The campaign is endlessly riffable."

And much merriment ensued on set, Cornett ECD Whit Hiler tells Muse. "A lot of our talent stayed in character well before and in-between shooting," he says. "The step-grandma and grandpa dynamic was hilarious. Our Grandpa character was definitely enjoying every second of it, and it might have been one of the best days of his life."

OOH will appear in San Francisco, Chicago and Denver:


Client Team: 
Chief Marketing Officer, Nicholas Wootten
Brand Marketing Director, Jocelyn Hurley
Brand Manager, Erin Kelley
Head of Creative, Greg Cypser

Executive Creative Director: Whit Hiler
Group Creative Director: Jason Majewski
Creative Director: Jonathon Spalding
Associate Creative Director: Randy Steward
Associate Art Director: Sarah Vaughan
Associate Art Director: Nicole Berry
Senior Graphic Designer: Laura Merchant
Graphic Designer: Jalyn Clark
Sr. Copywriter: Coleman Larkin
Sr. Copywriter: Alexis Wilkinson
SVP, Director of Brand Strategy: Dave Walker, 
Director of Brand Management: Lacy Madden

Director: Jeff Venable
Photographer: Monica Stephens
Production: Gear Seven

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