Pornhub Is Making Ads for Small Businesses in New Kind of Stimulus Package

Adult site is giving away 1 billion impressions

Pornhub has been busy during Covid-19, making a bunch of dirty videos about cleanliness, among other pursuits. Now, the adult video site has come up with a typically innuendo-laced effort to help small businesses hit hard by the pandemic.

It's called the Big Package for Small Businesses, and it works like this: Pornhub is seeking small-business applicants from around the world, and will choose 1,000 of them to support by running ads for them on—which gets over 120 million unique visitors a day. It's promising to donate 1 billion ad impressions in total.

Even better, Pornhub's agency, Officer & Gentleman, is designing the ads, which will feature faux-smutty lines that tie into each business being featured.

Check out the project video here, featuring the owners of 10 small businesses in cities ranging from Rio de Janeiro to Milan, Madrid, Tokyo and New York City:

Pornhub’s Big Package for Small Businesses

"While large companies have deep enough pockets to weather the storm or to invest in enough advertising to continue attracting new customers, mom and pops just don't have that luxury," says Officer & Gentleman co-founder Alex Katz. "With much of the economic stimulus money ending up in the hands of the big guys, it's the tiny ones that can use some help in the growth department —which is something Pornhub knows a thing or two about."

Below, check out some of the ads made for the businesses featured in the project video:


Agency: Officer & Gentleman 
Executive Creative Directors: Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño & Alex Katz 
Managing Director: Jose Ortiz 
Account Director: Mayte Fontán 
Account Supervisor: Inma Ortega
Account Executive: Alba Domínguez
Creative Supervisors: Gonzalo Arica & Ricky Solano 
Agency Producer: Beto PF 
Production Company: Wildboar Productions
Director: Leonardo Cosme
Executive Producer: Yago Carvajal
Production Tokio: Sucreme
Production Rio de Janeiro: Cosmocine
Production Milan: Masaboba - Mattia Ramberti
Production NYC: Residency Content  
Production Madrid: Kiss & Ride
Madrid Director 2nd Unit: Javier Molina
Post-Producer: Sigfrid Mariné
Editor: David L E Davis
Colourist: Mark Horrobin - Big Buoy Post
VFX: Angus Wilson - Face North VFX
Sono: Stainless Sound

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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