Otto and His Outrageous German Accent Return for Meineke

Because 'mein key' still sounds like 'Meineke'

Remember Otto, the wacky German-accented spokes-character who bowed in Meineke commercials two years ago? Wags might suggest he's best forgotten. 

And yet, Otto's back, once more portrayed by actor Kurt Quinn, in fresh spots from the car-care centers.

Meineke | No Surprises
Meineke | One Man Band

Dude's an acquired taste. Like sauerbraten. Still, the approach stands out in a crowded marketplace. Once Otto starts his spiel, it's impossible to turn away.

And that's why Meineke chose to reprise such broad, offbeat humor. The brand notched a 30 percent awareness boost from 2022's round of TV ads.

"People loved the character," says Meineke VP of marketing Chris Streahle. "We found that both adults and kids remember him, calling out his signature 'meine key' [catchphrase] from shopping malls to airports. It's been gratifying to see that kind of creative risk pay off."

Martin Granger directed through Moxie Pictures, working on campaign development with agency Erich & Kallman, which created Otto.

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