Oreo Makes an Offering of Cookies in Case Aliens Invade

Double Stufs are out there! (Truth, not so much)

Always hot to bake news hooks into its marketing campaigns, Mondelez's iconic Oreo brand is embracing the resurgent UFO craze in a big way.

Later this month, the U.S. government is expected to release a report about extraterrestrials visiting Earth, or not visiting Earth, or something. So, Oreo launched a multi-pronged response to any impending cosmic threat, or galactic convergence—or whatever.

First, the brand asked its Twitter fans which cookie/milk combo would make the best "offering" for snack-starved ETs preparing to land.

Double Stuf and whole milk won. Lucky space aliens!

Then again, maybe our visitors would prefer a soft drink...

Getting back on brand, Oreo also carved a three-acre-wide product logo/crop-circle in the wilds of Kansas. It's located along "The Paranormal Highway," a stretch of heartland famous for UFO sightings through the years:

The OREO Offering - Encounter

Cute video. Which one's Scully? You can also "Make Your Own Oreo Offering at Home" with this handy kit.

Look, if Oreos vanish from that limited-edition pack overnight, I want to believe Martians took them. Of course, it might just be raccoons. Either way, the tooth is out there!

That putrid pun could spark an interstellar incident, but never fear. If some six-eyed, tentacled, laser-toting types decide to obliterate human civilization, we can still dunk our Oreos thanks to that brand's apocalypse vault in Norway.


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