Microsoft Shows Exactly What Moms Are Going Through This Mother's Day

McCann nods to the new reality

You're a mom. Trying to navigate the new normal from home and take care of some serious business via Microsoft Teams' video-chat.

What are the chances that, at some point, your bored, beautiful kids will jump into the picture, interrupting with pirate swords, impromptu beauty treatments, puppies and assorted screams, screeches and squeals?

WFH moms the world over already know the answer, but here's an amusing Mother's Day reminder from the folks at Microsoft and McCann New York:

To Every Mom Doing Their Best - Happy Mother's Day | Microsoft Teams (2416)

Yeah, sometimes they just pull you away from the screen—chair and all. Who can blame them? You're their mom, and that's how much they love you.

What are kids supposed to do, just leave mom the fuck alone? (Well, sometimes, actually, yeah.)

With footage sourced from actual Teams conversations, Microsoft's Mother's Day salute dovetails with earlier McCann efforts promoting the platform.

"Parenting has been called the toughest job you will ever love—and this has probably never been truer than it is today," says Kathleen Hall, Microsoft corporate vp of brand, advertising and research. "The boundaries between work, home and school have been breached, each spilling over into the other's space. We thought it would be fun to give a realistic portrayal of what life is really like for moms working from home these days to salute them, and let them know they are not alone."


Client: Microsoft
Agency: McCann New York
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