McDonald's Sweden Turned Digital Billboards Into Food Trucks

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McDonald's Sweden's launched its new fried chicken burger with a nod to street food culture. Wheels were added to digital billboards in Stockholm and Västerås—near actual McDonald's restaurants—turning each sign into a modern day food truck.

Here's how it worked: Passersby would scan a QR code that would awaken a digital chef inside the billboard to prepare a sandwich. Actually, said chef sent a coupon for a free burger to the person's McDonald's app, where the customer would complete the order and pick up their food at one of the two nearby McDonald's. Watch a billboard in action below:

McDonald's | Food Truck Billboard

"The challenge with creating the billboard was to make the ad shell feel like an authentic food truck, since the shape we worked with have no resemblance to a food truck. But it worked," says Josefina Norén, art director at Nord DDB, the agency that created the campaign. "We wanted a new take on DOOH advertising, something which felt engaging, interactive, and fresh while also letting people know about, and perhaps try, McDonald's Sweden's new burger."


Advertising agency: NORD DDB
Photography: Havelle

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