The Future Looks 'Hot!' for Paris Hilton and Tan-Luxe

Created by new agency, The Room Service

A campaign for Tan-Luxe stars many versions of Paris Hilton, crafted by The Room Service, a new agency born during the WGA writers strike.

Founder Rob Hirst-Hermans built the writers room with the likes of Chuck Hayward (Ted Lasso, Wandavision) and Glenn Boozan (Conan, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm).

"When the writers strike hit, the unfair treatment of Hollywood's creatives bubbled up to the surface," says Hirst-Hermans. "I cold-called dozens and dozens of Hollywood writers, asking them if they'd be interested in writing ads. They all said yes."

"This is not about replacing advertising creatives," he says. "This is about breaking down the arbitrary walls and lanes that exist between America's two most powerful creative industries, recognizing our kinship and harnessing the unprecedented power and amazing work that could be created if we simply worked together."

Hilton's ad for Tan-Luxe, directed by LJ Johnson, marks the company's first branded film. In it, present-day Paris awakens her AI version for some tagline brainstorming. It doesn't go so hot ... until Paris from 2064 appears (putting a pause on fighting aliens because "the future of tanning depends on. It.")

The visit sparks a catchy slogan: "The Future Looks Good on You."

"Comedy is something that is a salient need in advertising right now, but the long term goal is for The Room Service to open the gates of the ad industry (or maybe kick them down) to Hollywood creatives and storytellers en masse. It's all about the work," Hirst-Hermans tells Muse.

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