Special Delivery: Gopuff and Mother 'Bring the Magic' With Your Snacks and Sodas

Director Adam Berg casts a fantastical (kind of goofy) spell

A dude who walks up the side of a high-rise and delivers bananas by passing them through a window without breaking the glass? Now, that's customer service!

Smuggler director Adam Berg captures such fantastical scenes in Gopuff's latest national campaign.

Breaking during the NBA Playoffs and in theaters, the hero :60 introduces an overarching theme: "Bring the Magic." Its visuals are impressive, though not entirely realistic (a point in the ad's favor, adding a touch of charm).

"We wanted it to feel everyday," Tyler Stewart, chief marketer at the digital delivery company, tells Muse. "We leveraged some creative tricks but wanted to ensure the effects were prac

Gopuff | Bring the Magic

See, eye-catching but fakey and self-aware—intentionally or otherwise. We like!

"When you are bringing magic to the world, water can become windows (the banana hand-off), balloons and ice cream defy gravity (when guided), and billboards become reachable with a simple change of perspective," Stewart says.

"There were cranes, rain machines and acrobatics involved in bringing this to life—but with the proper pre-production, rigs and camera POV, anything is possible."

OOH features the Gopuff brown paper bag, and the company's producing limited-edition totes inspired by NYC, Miami and Philadelphia.

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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