Mailchimp Unveils Playful Spots Directed by Eric Wareheim

Because you're 'more than a small business'

"What kind of business are you? A startup? Nah, you're about to blow up. Yeah, you're way more than a small business."

E-mail marketer Mailchimp offers an empowering, slightly askew take on SMBs in ads directed Eric Wareheim of Adult Swim's Tim and Eric comedy team. They feature upbeat "you-got-this" narration by High on the Hog's Stephen Satterfield, and an anthem film introduces five faux SMBs aiming for the big time, with Mailchimp as their trusted ally.

You’re More than a Small Business

Those purveyors of unicorn/duck pool floats, high-tech doggie toys and heavy metal yoga seem almost ... real. They wouldn't feel out of place in Facebook's small-biz pitch from a few months back, which focused on quirky startups that actually exist.

Here, the fake nature of the firms gives Mailchimp some space to maneuver, imbuing the work with a lighter touch than we've recently seen in the category. It's a refreshing approach, providing a counterpoint to more intense SMB-themed fare, such as this Mailchimp-Vimeo collaboration about the struggle of real Black-owned businesses.

Metal Lotus Yoga
Big Ol' Floats
Corner Dumplings

"'More than a Small Business' speaks directly to the entrepreneurs and marketers around the world that Mailchimp aims to serve," says Jeremy Jones, the company's global director of creative campaigns. "These spots were crafted to help show that business owners and marketers are so much more than their small-business label. They're carrying on family traditions, inspiring new trends, disrupting markets and so much more. We're looking to boost their business and their confidence and want them to know that we get them as people and customers."

With that goal in mind, Wareheim wisely works at the edges of funny to evoke a pre/post-pandemic mood. His frames entertain and intrigue, with whimsical visuals (many pink dim-sum carts, please!) and Satterfield's knowingly nonchalant narration.

"Eric is just the right balance of expert and absurdist and knows exactly what it means to be a small business," Jones says. "It's real for him. Besides being an amazing actor and director, he's also a small-business owner and coincidentally a Mailchimp customer with his company Las Jaras Wine."

Other campaign elements amplify the message:

The push arrives as a pivotal moment for Mailchimp, with Intuit agreeing to acquire the company this week.

"The Mailchimp brand will remain the Mailchimp brand" once the deal closes, Jones says. "Mailchimp's brand equity is important to Intuit, which also shares Mailchimp's mission of empowering small businesses and helping them win."


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Allison Sitzman - Sr. Director of Product Marketing
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Stephanie James - Sr. Director of Integrated Marketing
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Mindy Blankenship - Senior Project Manager

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