Lil Yachty and Iris Apfel Bond Over Luxe Watches in eBay Campaign

New and old schools connect in content play

What generation gap?

Twenty-four-year-old rapper Lil Yachty and fashion icon Iris Apfel—who turns 100 this weekend!—bond over their passion for luxury timepieces in the first installment of "Old School Meets New School," an eBay content series developed by The Many.

In a minute-long film, this decidedly odd couple subvert issues of age, race, gender, and culture. You can't help but ... watch. That's a good thing, as the initiative touts eBay's selection of brands, from the classic styles of Rolex and Audemars Piguet to startups and industry innovators. (Old school meets new, as it were.)

eBay | Old School Meets New School Episode 1

Iris: I love mixing high and low. A very expensive watch with a bunch of tacky little bracelets. I was wondering if you wear more than one wristwatch at a time.

Yachty: It's not my personal thing ... That's a very trendy thing in rap.

Iris: Is it trendy? I didn't know that. I always do that. But I don't care about trends.

Their relaxed chemistry builds amid brand-boosting banter, with subtext ticking away in the background. And of course, the age difference fits the campaign's theme. (G.O.A.T. Tom Brady would surely approve. Dude's a freak for ritzy watches!)

"eBay is a marketplace that brings an entire spectrum of people together from different communities and perspectives—but when it came to the luxury watch world, we didn't see anything out there that reflected that," Pam Fujimoto, creative director at The Many, tells Muse. "We were inspired to bring two style icons together from very different spaces to explore the idea that when you have a mutual love for something, you spark a connection."

While mainly targeting enthusiasts, "there’s an opportunity to expand reach into the fashion/style space by connecting with fans of Lil Yachty and Iris Apfel," adds agency brand director Rediate Tekeste.

For the shoot, Iris and Yachty were at the same location, but filmed in different rooms. "Instead of Zoom, we used an Interrotron camera rig, which allowed them to maintain an intimate eye line with one another and their audience," says Kim Vorse, senior producer at The Many.

And this particular odd couple really did bond, apparently. "At the end of the shoot, Iris asked us if we could get Yachty's number so she could invite him to her birthday party," Fujimoto says.

Maybe he can find the time to attend. (Temporal humor!) Perhaps she'll serve ice cream. (Oblique reference to Apfel's ads for Magnum.) Srsly, Iris, you're timeless! Many happy returns of the day!

Fresh "Old School Meets New School" episodes will drop in coming months on @ebaywatches Instagram handle and other social channels.


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