Liberty Mutual Brings Wizards and Teddy Bears to New Boardwalk Ads

GS&P dreams up more amusing 'Truth Tellers'

Saving on car insurance is awesome … in real life. As a video-game premise, however, it doesn't deliver the thrills and chills, even when a wizard uses his magic powers customize your policy.

Such is the stuff of Goodby Silverstein & Partners' 8-bit sendup for Liberty Mutual, one of four new spots in the team's long-running "Truth Tellers" campaign:

Liberty Mutual Insurance | Video Game

Next, some guy in a cheesy (but functional!) smartphone costume dials up the funny:

Liberty Mutual Insurance | Fliers

Elsewhere, an insurance-themed double-dutch session lasts much (much!) too long, and a boardwalk vendor hawks something other than hot dogs:

Liberty Mutual Insurance | Double Dutch
Liberty Mutual Insurance | Unique Business

We'll take one teddy bear, extra wet, please!

As in past "Truth Tellers" installments, the zippy pace and self-conscious comedy pleases, with Biscuit Filmworks director Aaron Stoller delivering cartoonish antics—and in one case, an actual cartoon—that boost the brand message.

"We know how lucky we are to work with a brand team who wants to push the humor and memorability with each round just as much as we do," says GS&P associate creative director Josh Hacohen. "It makes the process a joy, and I think it shows in the work."


Ad Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Client: Liberty Mutual Insurance
Title of Creative Work: Truth Tellers

Chief Marketing Officer: Jenna Lebel
Director of Marketing Communications: Lisa Paige
Program Manager, Broad Reach Marketing: Abby Muti

Co-Chairmen: Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein
Chief Creative Officer: Margaret Johnson
Executive Creative Director: Danny Gonzalez
Executive Creative Director: David Suarez
Associate Creative Director: Josh Hacohen
Associate Creative Director: Brett Beaty
Copywriter: Steve Nass
Copywriter: James Gross
Art Director: Gianna D'Amico

Director of Broadcast Production: Leila Gage
Senior Broadcast Producer: Topher Cochrane
Assistant Broadcast Producer: Nick Goldsmith

Account Services
Managing Partner: Brian McPherson
Group Account Director: Chris Ferko
Account Director: Cassi Norman
Account Manager: Carmen Guan
Assistant Account Manager: Brittany Ryley

Brand and Communication Strategy
Head of Brand Strategy: Bonnie Wan
Group Communication Strategy Director: Dong Kim
Group Brand Strategy Director: Katie Coane
Brand Strategist Director: Harper Bokum-Fauth
Brand Strategist: Shaza Elsheshtawy

Business Affairs
Director of Business Affairs: Judy Ybarra
SR. Business Affairs Manager: Anna Diokno

Production Company
Company Name: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Aaron Stoller
Director of Photography:  Toby Irwin
Production Designer:  Alexis Ross
Partner Managing Director:  Shawn Lacey
Executive Producer: Holly Vega
Head of Production:  Sean Moody
Producer:  Mala Vasan

Editorial Company
Company: Arcade
Editor:  Dave Anderson
Assistant Editor: Paulo Miramontes
Senior Producer: Alexa Atkin

Company name: The Mill
Director of Production: Anastasia Von Rahl
Senior VFX Producer: Kat Maidment

VFX Production Coordinator:  
Shoot Supervisor: John Shirley
Creative Director: John Shirley
2D Lead Artist: Roxy Zuckerman

Sound Design
Sound Design: Lime Sound Design
Sound Designer: LSD
Audio Engineer: Matt Miller
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan

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