Kids Ask the Darndest Questions in Burger King's Latest Comic Meditation on Confusion

David Madrid unveils third in a satirical series

At this point, it's unwise to expect clarity from Burger King and David Madrid. Instead, the team delights in crafting comic conundrums to tout BK's plant-based menu.

"Confusing Times" in 2021took a satirical dive into pandemic concerns, while last year's sequel, "Even More Confusing Times," riffed on everyday concerns like baby names and the safety of tap water.

Now, we get a new spin on the concept—"A Little More Confusing"—with kids in the spotlight.

So, what are pre-teens perplexed about these days? Examples include:

  • Why do teachers ask questions? Shouldn't they already know the answers?
  • Why is a building so tall if it's just 2 years old?
  • Why can't grandma and grandpa have another baby?
  • Why are there grownups at a children's party?
  • Is a cookie jar still a cookie jar if it's empty?

Hey, who ate all the cookies? Don't act so innocent, kid!

Oscar nominee Claudia Llosa directs in the series' established slow-burn style. It's like an ethereal quasi-doc, seemingly meandering but with a firm destination in mind. Props to BK and David for finding a fresh focus.

"Keeping something exciting and new for three years in a row is tricky, but the beauty of this platform is that it organically adapts and stays fresh to adapt to the times we are living in," agency global CCO and partner Pancho Casis tells Muse. "Because we see the world through the lens of ordinary people experiencing what is universally relevant and topical for today, the campaign grows with the world around us. Now, with the menu expanding to include something for everyone in the family, right down to the Whopper Jr., we could see the world through the lens of an innocent and naïve kid."

On set, director Llosa devised a special way to help the kids excel. 

"When Claudia found the children struggling to deliver performances of confusion. So she gave them complicated math equations to work out," Casis recalls. "It worked like a bomb, giving us some of the sweetest moments of deep thought, and big celebrations from the whole crew when the kids got it right."

So, were they in school or making a commercial? That's a tad ... confusing.

The push begins in LATAM before expanding worldwide across print, film and radio.


Agency: David Madrid  
Campaign: A Little More Confusing 
Client: Burger King Global  
Global CCO & Partner: Pancho Cassis  
Global COO: Sylvia Panico  
Executive Creative Director: Saulo Rocha, André Toledo  
Creative Director: David Krueger, Pedro Sattin, Sébastien Rouvière 
Head of Art: Camilo Jiménez 
Art Director: Pedro Sattin 
Copywriter: David Krueger, Sébastien Rouvière 
Head of Production: Alejandro Falduti 
Head of Account: María García Herranz 
Group Account Director: Lucila Mengide 
Account Executive: Lucía Urbieta 
Head of Strategy: Daniela Bombonato 
Strategy Director: Patricia Urgoiti 
Global PR Director: Sandra Azedo 

Client Approval 
VP, Head of Marketing: Sabrina Ferretti 
Global Brand Communication Director: Andrea Beer 

Photo Studio: Sicarios 
Photographer: Nixon 
Executive Producer: Joao Luz 
Line Producer: Rafa Pinto 
Client Services: Babi Kosloff, Ju Bahia and Yuri Fuly 
Assistants: Kao e Renan Moraes 
Tech Crew: Tinho Sousa, Heygo Freire, Dennis Peres  
Casting: Mei Yi Ho 
Operations: Lindin Lima 
Retouch: Ricardo Moreira 

Music Company and Publisher: Pickle Music 
Executive Music Director: Alexis Estiz 
Composer: Alexis Estiz 
Sound Design & Mix: Pickle Music 
Executive Producer: Olivia López 
Performer: Emma Zavaleta 

Film Production: Blur 
Director: Claudia Llosa 
Executive Producer: Mario Forniés y Alfonso Cazalilla 
Producer: Elena Sáenz 
1st AD: Andrés González 
Production Manager: Yago López Abril 
Production Assistant: Gustavo Pérez 
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Art Director: Dear F*cking Love 
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Hair and Makeup: Blanca Laporta 
Home Economist: Óscar Sanz Cabrera 
Casting Director: Mercè Ramos 
Editor: Vicente Álvarez 
Colourist: Edu Aranda 
Post-production: McNulty

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