Juan Cabral Crafted a Gem for Fernando Machado's Final BK Spot

An amusing portrait of these confusing times

Burger King's Impossible Whopper is a confusing sandwich, perfect for these confusing times. It's made from plants but tastes like flame-broiled beef. Confused yet?

The folks navigating Covid reality seem perplexed and bewildered by many facets of daily existence in a wryly funny 90-second film from David Madrid and MJZ director Juan Cabral.

Are they working from home or living at work? Why do they prefer dating-site profiles to going on actual dates? Why don't online master classes transform pupils into ... masters? Who says you can't wear pajamas and slippers all the time, even while riding the bus around town?

Burger King | Confusing Times

Funereal piano tones accentuate the mock-dark mood. Cabral's exquisitely framed shots—a perplexed young woman sitting alone in a laundromat, a violin poised on the too-green cushions of an oversized couch—form an intricate visual tableau leading to ... what, exactly?

It's a slow, intriguing, at times confusing build, devoid of branding until BK reveals its message near the end.

"These are confusing times," concludes oh-so-serious narrator Edward Robinson, "which is just about the right time to have the Burger King Impossible Whopper. The Whopper made without beef, that tastes just like ... a Whopper."

A plaintive keyboard flourish echoes as we gaze at a late-night mall parking lot. It's bathed in the glow from a single light tower, with a BK sign off to one side.

"We see different people struggling with contradictions—that's the theme of it all," attuned to humanity's grind in 2021, BK vice president of brand marketing Diego Suarez tells Muse.

Indeed, the approach is highly relatable, and Cabral's eye for ironic details and memorable imagery pays off. It's a fitting signoff for longtime CMO Fernando Machado, as the last major spot he led for BK. (It's so confusing he's not with the fast-feeder anymore, right?)

"We have tried to work with Juan in the past many times, but it never worked out for different reasons," says Suarez. "This time, his reaction was immediate, and he loved the script so much he jumped into it right away. Working with him is a privilege because you get a combo that is hard to find: a great director and an even greater creative director. We worked with him to decide on situations, lines and everything."

The work will air in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and the Dominican Republic.

For more confusion, cue up these radio spots, also narrated by Robinson in delicious deadpan style:

Burger King | Confusing Times (radio)



Global CCO & Partner: Pancho Cassis 
Global COO: Sylvia Panico 
Executive Creative Director: Saulo Rocha, André Toledo  
Creative Director: Fred Bosch, David Krueger  
Copywriter: David Krueger, Guillermo Aliaga-Pueyrredón  
Art Director: Pedro Sattin 
Head of Production: Alejandro Falduti 
Head of Account Management: Luiza Prata Carvalho 
Group Account Director: Lucila Mengide, Stefane Rosa

CLIENT: Burger King


Director: Juan Cabral 
President/Executive Producer: David Zander 
Executive Producer: Emma Wilcockson  
Producer: Natalia Mussolana 
Director of Photography: Leandro Filloy  
Production Designer: Sebastian Orgambide  
Wardrobe Stylist: Sol Montalvo 
First Assistant Director: Matias Boldt 
Casting: Saigon 
Argentina Production Company: Labhouse 
Labhouse Executive Producer: Flora Fernández Marengo 
Editor: Emiliano Fardaus 
Post Producer: Julieta Fernández Castagnino 
Color Grade: Alejandro Armaleo 
VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Monroig

MUSIC: Pickle Music NY 

Creative Producer: Alexis Estiz 
Composer: Alexis Estiz, Dario Calequi 
Producer: Lupita Alvarez 
Performer: Edward Robinson

SOUND MIX: Tres Sonidas

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