KFC's So Tasty, All the Hot, Sexy Feels Will Light Up Your Face

'Enjoy, it's beautiful,' says orgasmic campaign

Forget orgasm face. Rock that saucy chicken face instead!

Diners' ecstatic expressions tell the story as KFC Spain and agency PS21 launch new work. Eyes bulge, lips quiver and nostrils flair in a slow-mo smorgasbord set to Joe Cocker's passionate "You Are So Beautiful."

As you might expect, it's faux-hot and oh-so-self-consciously silly.

We'll have what they're having! 

"In the advertising industry, we are used to seeing TV actors smiling at products as if they were telling a joke," says Victor Blanco, executive creative director at PS21. "Who eats while smiling? Who bites and chews with a picture-face? We all know that the more we enjoy something, the more ridiculous our faces become. And that's amazingly beautiful. This is the idea we want to share with the campaign, touching the audience with something basic as fried chicken."

"This piece shows in a tangible and realistic way the experience of utmost enjoyment when eating KFC, moving you into an emotional state of mind," adds Beatriz Martínez, brand manager of KFC Spain and Portugal.

Biceps (Egoitz Audikana and Víctor "Zipi" Aguilar) directed through Blur Films, with post-production by McNulty. Proximia handled media chores.

Tagged "Enjoy, It's Beautiful," the work offers a third distinct look from KFC in recent days, following Colonel Sanders' riotous Canadian rant and this punchy, paranoid push in the U.S.A.

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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