KFC Created a Holiday Perfume Based on Its Chicken Recipe

Who wants to smell like a budget-conscious Christmas dinner?

Shifting dunes. Interpretive dance. Slow-mo photography. A horse that fixes you with its nagging gaze and won't let go.

We're treated to all this and more in KFC Spain's jokey promo for Eau D'uardo, a unisex fragrance based on the Colonel's original recipe.

So, you'll reek of geranium, mandarin, pink pepper and bergamot. Happy holidays!

Agency PS21's :60 spoofs high-end perfume ads of yore for the intro. Yes, it's low-hanging fruit, a style of parody done to death. It's almost like a spoof of a spoof. And it works well on those terms, with the whole thing rocking a retro-artsy MTV vibe.

KFC | Eau D'uardo

"The shoot had some difficult moments for the actors because of the physical effort involved in dancing and repeating scenes on an unsteady surface like sand, as well as getting tons of it in their mouths and eyes," PS21 creative director Rubén Sánchez tells Muse. "We are very grateful for the effort they made to batter themselves as if they were literally pieces of breaded chicken from KFC."

The perfume, shipped in phallic chicken-thigh packaging and named for a Christmas meme in Spain, retails for €3.99. It's available on KFC's app and in Spanish restaurants, with 25,000 units produced.

Buy it for your least-favorite uncle instead of socks this festive season. You'll save some coin.

Shot by production company Macaronesia in the Canary Islands, the film will play across KFC's social channels.

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