Justin Bieber Inspired 3 New 'Timbits' Flavors at Tim Hortons

'Timbiebs' merchandise line will follow

Toronto-based fast-feeder Tim Hortons is rolling out special versions of its Timbits donut treats inspired by super-fan and Ontario native Justin Bieber.

You can taste a little Bieb in every bite!

Not really. They're called Timbiebs, though, available for a limited time in three flavors: chocolate white fudge, sour cream chocolate chip, and birthday cake waffle.

Below, Justin dons a hockey-helmet thinking cap for a goofy Hortons "brainstorming session" from creative agency GUT:

Timbiebs: Tims x Justin Bieber

Way to work that whiteboard, Biebs!

"If you go through some of Justin's old tweets, you can see him posting about missing Tims while he's on the road, or using hashtag #CANADA and hashtag #CANADIAN while talking about Tims," brand CMO Hope Bagozzi tells Muse. "Timbits are his favorite menu item, so we set out to design some new flavors that spoke to his tastes, but that our guests would also love."

There's an amusing French-language promo clip, too. Spoiler: Bieber's the star, but he doesn't actually communicate en français.

"You can tell Justin was willing to have fun with us on the shoot and be goofy and not take himself too seriously," says Bagozzi. "It was largely unscripted and improvised."

The artist's involvement could draw younger diners, though Hortons views Timbiebs as a cross-generational play, given Bieber's wide-ranging popularity. While the teamup isn't as all-encompassing as, say, Megan Thee Stallion's deal with Popeyes, Hortons will also introduce a line of Timbiebs merchandise on Nov. 29 across a select number of its 5,100 shops in the U.S. and Canada. 

Here's one of Bieber's social teasers that generated a lot of brand buzz in recent days:

Timbiebs represents another savvy move for Hortons, which previously scored with campaigns about Toronto Raptors fandom, Canada's cultural diversity, and that time a young Wayne Gretzky met the chain's namesake and got an autograph.

As for Bieber, he's keeping it real, choosing promo partners that smartly leverage his personality and interests. For example, he's a huge hockey fan and recently narrated the story of ESPN's iconic NHL theme song.


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