CarGurus Turns Auto Shopping Into a Sweet, Sweet Dream

Life should be this easy

What if you could landscape your yard with the sip of a drink, or your toddler prepared gourmet dinners? That would make life a lot easier, right?

Keep dreaming. Like the guy in DDB San Francisco's latest campaign for CarGurus, which vividly illustrates the auto shopping platform's commitment to providing a righteous user experience.

CarGurus | Your Car, Your Way

"We all know the euphoric feeling of getting things exactly our way without compromise—a feeling that, for most of us, is all too rare," says DDB creative director Sian Coole. "We wanted to show how CarGurus gives you that empowering feeling of control."

In this category, it's tough to stand out, because consumers tend to view the competing services as interchangeable commodities. CarThis and CarThat ... the brand names even sound alike

To break through, CarGurus and players like CarMax and Carvana have traveled similar roads, stressing ease of use and lifestyle advantages. The latter companies crafted amusing scenarios with Hollywood celebrities.

CarGurus forgoes such flash, emphasizing customer perspective in mild fantasy storylines developed with Arts & Sciences director Fiona McGee. Perhaps that lack of star power makes the work more relatable? If nothing else, it removes potential distractions and amplifies the brand proposition.

"We know consumer needs are evolving, with research showing that a majority of car buyers and sellers are open to doing more online, but not necessarily everything," says CarGurus CMO Dafna Sarnoff. "We're driven to transform what can be a tedious process into a delightful experience through omni-channel retail tools, transparent listing information and expert-informed reviews."

"We love that this campaign captures how our platform can make you feel as that happens, and inspires viewers to feel supported in whatever path they choose," she says.

The push breaks this across TV, digital and social platforms, with influencer programs to follow.


Dafna Sarnoff, Chief Marketing Officer  
Allison Conroy, Director, Brand Marketing  
Amanda Giddon, Brand Lead & Special Projects 
Carli Riibner, Sr. Brand Marketing Specialist
Alison Ciummei, Director, Product Marketing 
Maggie Meluzio, Director, PR & External Communications 

Ty Kendig, Managing Director
Ben Wolan, Executive Creative Director 
Sian Coole, Creative Director
Roselyn Pla, Senior Copywriter 
Aidan Zeecchel, Art Director
Alexis Coulter, Head of Production  
Aaliyah Moffett, Junior Producer 
Jonathan Rodrigues, Head of Strategy 
Shelby Kennedy, Associate Strategist 
Maggie Williams, Account Director 
Jack Lakowske, Account Supervisor  
Chris Merchant, Senior Project Manager 
Production Team: 

Fiona McGee, Director
Mal Ward, Managing Partner / Executive Producer
Marc Marrie, Managing Partner / Executive Producer
Christa Skotland, Director of Production / Executive Producer
John Benson, Executive Producer
Milena Milicevic, Head of Production
Ivy Jane, Office Coordinator
Miriana DiQuinzio, Executive Producer
Chris Hutsul, Executive Producer 
Gillian Marr, Sr Producer 

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