Jessica Williams Climbs Into a Bathtub for CarMax

This brand's got a bubbly personality

Used-vehicle retailers have been pumping the pedal on celebrity-driven humor in a big way. Carvana's campaign with Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell is one example.

Now, CarMax enters the fray, with Jessica Williams cracking wise in a bathtub as part of a broader initiative that breaks today.

Such efforts provide a few laughs and spotlight the ways each brand tries to make the buying experience run smoothly.

Williams—an Emmy nominee for Shrinking and fave from The Daily Show—lathers up in :60 from The Martin Agency. She does so in a home-goods showroom, much to the staff's consternation:

Carmax | Unsettle

"CarMax has test drives," she says. "You can't have test baths?" Later, she bemoans the "market prices" displayed on a fancy menu, and requests a 30-day money-back guarantee at the tattoo parlor.

Why oh why can't the whole world be like CarMax? WHY!? (Srsly, the stock's been racing these days.)

Here are more silly scenarios, sans Jessica:

CarMax | Lobster
CarMax | Drop Off
CarMax | Family Dinner

"There are so many things in life we have to settle for—from shoes that pinch our feet to a living room paint color that's just slightly too yellow," Martin Agency SVP, group CD Anne Marie Hite tells Muse. "CarMax wants you to know that you don’t have to settle when it comes to finding true car love, which is especially important when you consider it's the second-largest purchase most people make in their lives."

To sell that premise, Williams seems well cast as an appealing but no-nonsense every-gal, and the spots are amusing without going OTT to make their point.

"Jessica was in the tub for about two hours and she was ad-libbing the whole time between takes and we were all dying in the video village," Hite recalls. "Also, there was this guy whose one job on set was to make sure the bubbles looked good. Who knew that was an actual job!"

In the "Drop Off" commercial, "director Jody Hill let the mom run with her dialogue about all the things she could do now that she's an empty nester. She went crazy and we were, again, all dying. As a new empty nester myself, I can very much relate," Hite says.

"It’s such a weird time when you're so sad your children are gone, but you're also like, OMG, I have all this time to finally do some things for myself! I can't say I'm pole dancing, but I am taking French and learning pickleball."


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