Harry's Says: 'Feel Good, Fellas' in Odd 'Satsuma' Spot

It's a metaphor about confidence, apparently

Sometimes, citrus is just citrus. And a shave is just a shave. 

But that's not the case in a new commercial from personal care brand Harry's, as deep, almost cosmic insights unfold for a corporate honcho after he watches a junior exec peel a satsuma during a board meeting.

Developed by London agency The Or, a :45 launched last week introduces a new platform: "Feel Good, Fellas."

Harry's | Satsuma

"It was like he knew the satsuma intimately," the honcho tells seemingly anyone in the office who will stand still long enough to listen. "Such dexterity. Such precision. The rind was a completely consistent width around.'

Said rind ultimately peeled "clean off ... clean off!" he repeats, like some oddball orgasmic mantra.

It's amusing, but perhaps a tad too weird for weird's sake?

"In a world that’s dictating how men should be and what they should look like, Harry's celebrate guys who carve their own path and make choices that work best for them," director of brand marketing Ben Dancer explains. The goal, he adds, is "championing inner confidence through simplistic everyday wins."

The ad, directed in an intense, mock-serious style by Somesuch's Max Sherman, feels compelling, though for our taste there's just no sweet, juicy payoff.

"We wanted to adopt the light-hearted nature of the brand to shine a light on the idea that a good shave is central to how you feel, not just how you look," says agency ECD Charlene Chandrasekaran. "The confidence in peeling a satsuma felt like the perfect way to depict the 'Feel Good, Fellas' message, a small win that can leave a lasting impact."

Try grapes next. That would really separate the men from the boys.

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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