Zocdoc's Doctors Just 'Get You,' Say 72andSunny's Comical Ads

Easing the pain of medical appointments

Zocdoc offers a healthy dose of verbal humor in a trio of spots touting the app's ability to help folks find providers and services with speed and ease. 72andSunny created the campaign, introducing the line, "Get a Doctor Who Gets You."

First off, a nervous dude backs into a conversation about ... butt issues. Thankfully, his new physician, booked via Zocdoc, is tré understanding. So, it will probably all work out in the end.

Next, a woman mulls dentists on Zocdoc as if they were perspective dates: "Uh, not him. His first name is Derek. He's all the way up town? Yeah, I'd rather just let my teeth fall out. Too educated. Too young. Too old. Too medium-aged. Too good-looking to be good."

Finally, gums flap in stereo as a "post-pandemic hypochondriac who watched one episode of a medical show" finds herself in perfect sync with a chill MD:

"Healthcare should be designed for patients, but it's not. And finding a doctor with the right experience, who really listens, makes you feel comfortable and strives for connection, can feel impossible," says Heather Berko, head of brand at Zocdoc. "We know that with the right tools, finding a provider isn't a needle-in-a-haystack situation. This is why we made a triumphant human experience the star of our new campaign."

She adds: "By showing the simplicity and ease of accessing information on Zocdoc, including verified reviews, and making a quality connection, we hope to inspire people to engage in finding care without fear or frustration."

Making awkward situations less stressful is a no-brainer, and empowering patients by easing their anxieties seems like potent prescription. The jokes hit, and Max Sherman's breezy style fits the material like an examination glove. (Ew!)

"Finding the right doctor is a difficult and complex thing, but we were able to inject relatable humor to cut through a tired category and meet patients where they are," says Matt Murphy, CCO at 72andSunny Los Angeles.

The work began breaking nationwide last week, as appointments surge amid New Year's wellness resolutions.


Agency: 72andSunny
Director: Max Sherman
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Editor: Frank Effron / Cut + Run
Post: Pariah
Color: Arianna Shining Star
Sound Design: Jeff Malen / LIME Studios

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