Geico Brings Back Old Ad Characters for Movie-Themed 'Sequels' Campaign

With this crew, once is never enough

Pinnochio's back, and that's no lie.

The truth-averse knot-head returns today, along with some familiar raccoons and woodchucks, in an amusing movie-themed "Sequels" campaign devised by The Martin Agency for Geico. 

Of course, Geico blazed the nostalgia trail as 2019 began, airing some of its most beloved ads from as far back as 1997, in a move that generated considerable buzz. Now, the three aforementioned icons reprise their zany roles in brand-new commercials. 

None of the characters have appeared on TV since their original commercial runs. (That's 2010 for the woodchucks, 2014 for Ol' Nosey and 2016 for the raccoons, though the masked critters headlined a social push more recently.) 

Pinocchio screams a lot, and for good reason, in this zippy campaign trailer:

Luckily, Mr. P's leg returns, and his wooden performance might just grow on you in these spots featuring a rom-com put-on and brush with the law:

"We explored a number of approaches for communicating 'sequels' and alluding to the originals," Martin Agency creative director Neel Williams tells Muse. "It was a bit of a brainteaser. Ultimately, we landed on a movie-like opening super, and then a closing voiceover to tie things together." 

Next, the raccoons hijack a garbage truck, and then try their paws at food service. That should end well:

Finally, the woodchucks do what they do best—and send-up commercial tropes in the bargain:

"During the 'Best of Geico' campaign, we saw a lot of social chatter about fans' favorite ads that didn't get brought back," says Martin creative director Justin Harris. "Pinocchio, woodchucks and raccoons were all mentioned. And by keeping the story going for a second and third installment, we're able to give ourselves a much longer runway to develop a narrative or really dig into a joke. On the original Pinocchio shoot, Neel and I always wanted to do some physical comedy with his nose, but it would have been forced in that particular ad. Hello second—and third—chances!"

Fans are invited to visit this site and vote for their favorite Geico sequels. What's more, branded movie posters will appear in the "coming-soon" boxes of theaters nationwide (see a couple of examples below), and folks can win commercial props through an upcoming sweepstakes. (We want that leg, dammit!) 


Client: Geico
Joe Pusateri Vice President, Marketing
Amy Furman Assistant Vice President, Marketing
Tom Perlozzo Brand Team Manager
Tim Ware Brand Team Supervisor
Brighid Griffin Brand Team Program Lead I
Olivia Ashby Brand Team Program Lead I
Rese Chorpening Brand Team Planner

Agency: The Martin Agency

Karen Costello Chief Creative Officer
Jerry Hoak Executive Creative Director
Steve Bassett SVP, Group Creative Director
Neel Williams SVP, Creative Director
Justin Harris VP, Creative Director
Sean Riley SVP, Creative Director
Ken Marcus Senior Copywriter II

Matt Mattox SVP, Group Account Director
Jon Glomb Account Director
Allie Waller Account Supervisor
Juan Peláez Account Executive
Yoon Ko Account Coordinator
Justin West Account Coordinator

Tasha Dean SVP, Head of Integrated Content Production
Heather Collier Executive Producer
Brian Fox Senior Producer
Catherine Kennedy Associate Producer
Elise Canup Junior Producer
Jamie Dollins Senior Print Producer
Dusty Slowik VP, Business Affairs Director
Suzanne Wieringo Senior Business Affairs Supervisor
Lauren Garrett Business Affairs Coordinator
Amy Trenz Senior Financial Affairs Manager
Monica Cox Senior Financial Affairs Manager
Heather Hartman Project Manager

“WOODCHUCKS” Original Spot
Moxie Pictures
Director Frank Todaro
FIRST AIR DATE September 2, 2010

“PINOCCHIO” Original Spot
Radical Media
Director Steve Miller
FIRST AIR DATE February 19, 2014

“RACCOONS” Original Spot
Hungry Man
Director Wayne McClammy
FIRST AIR DATE October 24, 2016


Director Randy Krallman
Director of Photography Ken Seng
Executive Producer Sue Yeon Ahn
Head of Production Alex Hughes
Line Producer Ian Blain

Editor Frank Effron
Assistant Editor Kelly Henson
Executive Producer Amburr Farls
Producer Brian Mulvey

The Mill
Creative Director Phil Crowe
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Running With Scissors
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Rainmaker Studios
Executive Producer Kristin O’Connor
Sound Designer & Mixer Jeff McManus

MUSIC Butter Music & Sound
Executive Producer Ian Jeffreys
Producer Renée Massé

Voiceover: Matthew Piazzi

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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