An Apple for Teacher? Moody Mac Goes Back to School

From TBWA\Media Arts Lab and Tom Kuntz

Apple targets the college crowd with a round of spots hyping Mac laptops as the best study buddies.

Developed by TBWA\Media Arts Lab and ace director Tom Kuntz, the work boasts cinematography from Hoyte Van Hoytema, an Oscar winner for Oppenheimer.

They're a tad unnerving, actually, but fun, too, employing quirkiness similar to last week's ads for Apple Card.

Apple | Powered
Apple | Charged
Apple | Found

Yeah, profs are so dense. Off-campus kegger tonight?

These are apparently the first Macintosh spots to use dialogue since the legendary "Get a Mac" series of yore.

Naturally, this new work doesn't rise to those heights. But it's enjoyable stuff with a slight edge, the latest in a long line of engaging product demos that sail above the PC pack.

The work breaks today across TV, digital, social and various other venues.

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