Everything's OK Now: Planters Presents 'Ahhh, Nuts' Moments

Snacks to the rescue!

A world with spokespeople hiding virtually everywhere—in ATMs, under canoes, atop vending machines—waiting to burst out at unexpected moments and boost brands?

Planters transports us to this marketing paradise in fresh, funny :15s breaking today via BBDO MW. 

In the spots, life's annoying "Ah, nuts!" mishaps—such as gushing seltzer bottles and snagged fishing lines—morph into soothing, snacky scenarios. Peanuts, cashews and pecans serve as salty balms for the soul.

Everyone, with feeling: "Ahhh, Nuts."

Planters | ATM
Planters | Lure
Planters | Vending
Planters | Seltzer

"This is one of those truly sticky ideas,” says Brock Davis, agency CCO. “After seeing this campaign, when you walk into a room and see Planters nuts on a table, there's a good chance you're going to smile and say 'Ahhh, Nuts.'"

He's right. Society's totally brand obsessed and hyper-suggestible. I'm craving almonds already.

Srsly though, it's cute stuff from director Harold Einstein, who delivers the messages with his trademark self-aware, slightly surreal humor.

Turns out the star of the camping spot endured some "Ah, nuts!" moments on set:

"The canoe shot took a lot of coordination and skill from our actor, who had to nail his line while rolling from under the boat and keeping the product facing camera," recalls BBDO account supervisor Eric VanderVorste. "It took a few takes and a lot of physicality from our talent. Especially with that location being 10,000 feet above sea level," making exertion tougher than usual.

Along with TV, the campaign will pop across audio, digital and social channels.


Client: Hormel Foods Sales

President, CEO: Neil White 
Chief Creative Officer: Brock Davis 
VP, Director of Strategy: Casey Gilford  
SVP, Group Account Director: Ali Siviter 
Account Director: Matt Doscher  
Account Supervisor: Eric VanderVorste 
Creative Director: Eric Hansen 
Associate Creative Director: David Valento  
Art Director: Bill Lee, Jake Carlsrud 
Design Director: Ian McAllister  
Director of Project Management: Jamie McKnight
Senior Project Manager: Kearstin Richter 
Executive Producer: Peter McLarnan 
Flare Studios: David Holmdahl, Karen Hanson
Production Credits 
Production Company: Dummy  
Executive Producer: Michael Kanter 
Director: Harold Einstein  
Editorial: Arcade 
Editor: Sean Larange 
Color: Company 3 
VFX & Finishing: The Mill 

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