Dunkin' Unboxes a Merry Xmas Melody From the Donuts' POV

No celebs this time, though

"The world's got you feeling glazed over,
Sprinkle some love all around.
Just climb your way up, outta that hole,
And you'll be the taste of the town."

"Silver Bells" it ain't. Still, there's a seasonal sweetness to the soundtrack of Leo Burnett's holiday campaign for Dunkin'.

The ads were filmed from the donuts' point of view, as folks reach into boxes and snag their favorites.

Naturally, a jolly old elf helps himself...

Dunkin' | Unboxing

It's not Ben Affleck, just Santa. Ah well.

"Grab the one thing that everyone's lovin'.
And as it happens, they come by the dozen.
—Everybody loves a donut."

It's a product-focused message that succeeds by keeping things simple. No jingle bells and whistles. Just sugary treats, smiles and a bouncy beat.

Too bad those tasty donuts won't survive to celebrate the yuletide. Ho Ho Ho!

The work breaks this week, timed to a special menu with triple-chocolate muffins, peppermint mocha lattes and Free Donut Wednesdays (when you buy any drink).

Smuggler's Henry-Alex Rubin directed.

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