Coors Light Built an Out-of-Office Office in the Mountains of Quebec

Better than any scenic Zoom background

Talk about working remotely!

Coors Light Canada offers fans a chance to escape their drab home offices and spend some quality work time in the snow-kissed mountains of Quebec.

Behold the Out-of-Office Office, a portable 8-foot-by-8-foot, steel-and-glass business cubicle with electric power, heat and WiFi:

Don't settle for a scenic Zoom background, people!

Coors will pick five Quebecers to "staff" the hilltop cube for a few hours each through a contest developed with Rethink. Catch up on emails! Fine-tune those PowerPoint presentations! Down some brewskies! (There's no restroom, but you'll find plenty of woods right outside!)

Individual working slots will last four hours, with sanitizing in between each session, per Covid-19 protocols.

The idea came from "having absolutely no moments of chill at all in the past year, working at home with newborns during the pandemic," Rethink partner and creative director Xavier Blais tells Muse. "My partner Maxime and I joked that we'd need a soundproof booth in our backyard or a Zoom-enabled office in our cars to survive. So, I guess we kind of executed our own WFH fantasy."

The OOOO's exact location remains TBD—but the team plans to pick a place with sweeping vistas and plenty of snow. Rethink will shoot video during the experience with special-guest influencers on hand.

"The goal wasn't necessarily to get people even more isolated than they are right now, rather to create a striking image that would encourage people to get out there and include a moment of chill from time to time," says Blais.

Rethink engaged in a somewhat similar stunt five years back with this Ice Fishing Shack Bar for Old Style Pilsner.

"Quebec being a smaller francophone market within Canada, we're often tasked with executing a broader brand platform in a regionally pertinent way. So ANAs [acts, not ads] are often a go-to, considering budgets and limitations," Blais explains.

In that same spirit, last year a New Zealand brewery and DDB built a tiny pub for two to emphasize quality over quantity.


Title: The Out-Of-Office Office
Client: Coors Light
CCO: Aaron Starkman
ECD: Nicolas Quintal
Creative Director: Xavier Blais, Maxime Sauté
Art Director: Maxime Sauté, Mathieu Lacombe
Copywriter: Xavier Blais
Strategist: Pascal Routhier
Agency Producer: Géraldine Beaulieu, Katia Dupuy
Studio Producer: Kyle Hicks
Production House: Nova Film
Director: David Poulin
Producer: Charles Gaudreau, Camille Perras
Editor: Louis-Philippe Gagné
Audio Director: Paul-Étienne Côté

Account Services
Group Account Director: Karim Tubbeh 
Account Manager: Sara Lemmermeyer

Marketing Director, Molson & Global Brands Canada: Joy Ghosh
Senior Marketing Manager: Garrick Fritelli
Marketing Manager: Eric Kouri
Manager, Brand Public Relations: Jessica Vieira-Teixeira 

Media- Wavemaker
Strategy Manager: Elise Baruch
PR- Citoyen 
France-Michèle Thomas: Account Director 
Valérie Parisien: Account Executive 
Stéphanie Fournier: Account Executive

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