Can't Travel This Holiday? Send Your Jose Cuervo 'Doppledrinker' Home Instead

It's a cardboard cutout of you, drink in hand

As the pandemic rages, it's safer not to travel for the holidays. Yet your family and friends will sorely miss your seasonal presence.

Clearly, there's just one solution: Enter Jose Cuervo's "Doppledrinker" contest by uploading a full-body photo, drink in hand. Cuervo will ship these cardboard cutouts to your folks' place, Grandma's house, some creepy party with mannequins—wherever the winners choose.

Festive frivolity follows if this clip can be believed (and ads never lie):

Introducing The Cuervo Doppeldrinker

Your family won't need to fix up a guest room. They can just prop your cutout against the wall by the tree. (But not near the fireplace—that thing's made of cardboard!)

Creative agency Mekanism developed the campaign. It taps into the Covid zeitgeist, much like Bud Light and ESPN's tributes to those ubiquitous cardboard fans placed in sports arenas, and this Joann holiday spot with Phyllis from The Office and her cutout doppledrone.

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