The Busch Guy Is Now Officiating Wedding Ceremonies

A toast to the lucky couple!

What the Busch Guy joins together, let no brand put asunder.

Woodsy pitch-dude Gerald Downy must be ironing his flannel shirts and pressing those faded jeans. After all, he's got a wedding to perform.

No, we're not buzzed. A non-denominational organization that provides credentials for officiates just gave Downy its blessing. This summer, he'll add state certification, and preside over the nuptials of one very lucky couple. Plus, he'll show up with a $25,000 wedding gift in hand. 

If you're guessing this is all an elaborate promotion for the brewski—well d'uh, of course it is. The wedding video below provides details:

#BuschWedding Contest

"Do you, Busch Guy, take this beer? I do!" Hahaha! Cool one, BG. 

Couples in all 50 states can enter through May 31, using #BuschWeddings and #Contest on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Your post should explain why you want Busch Guy to help you tie the knot. Though really, is an explanation even necessary? 

"We know Busch is beloved by our fans, but being featured in wedding photos and invited to the weddings themselves is an entirely other level," says Anheuser-Busch senior marketing director Daniel Blake. "This new campaign is coming straight from the asks of our devoted community, and we can't wait to see Busch Guy bring together one happy couple this summer."

It's true! Peep the evidence below. The stuff's from social media, it must be legit!

Contest losers should forever hold their peace and serve wineskis at the reception. (Canned wine—the classy way to start life together!)

M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment and Bird Brain Productions developed the promotion.

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