This Canned Wine Is Acting a Lot Like Beer, Starting With the Ads

14 Hands spoofs classic commercials

Got a thirst for canned humor?

Seattle agency Copacino+Fujikado pops the top on three parodies of iconic beer commercials to promote canned wines from 14 Hands. The goal is to show folks enjoying the winery's Rosé, Pinot Grigio, Bubbles and Red Blend in casual settings, as if they were kicking back with their favorite brewskis.

In our first spot, brewskis are replaced by "wineskis," as cast members rave with wagging tongues in a spoof of Budweiser's famous "Whassup" campaign: 

14 Hands Cans - Wineski

That's the best of the pack, twisting the inspired silliness of the original just enough to stand on its own. Plus, you gotta love that bear. Or hate him—either way's good. 

The grizzly returns for a woodsy riverside riff on Busch advertising:

14 Hands Cans - River

Lastly, we get a bear-free Corona sendup at the beach:

14 Hands Cans - A New Beach

"There's a natural connection between the fun of beer and the genre of advertising it's created, so the idea rose to the top pretty quickly," says agency executive creative director Mike Hayward. The client "loved the idea of pulling up a stool to the bar where beer cans have been hogging the fun for way too long."

Why a bear?

"Why not?" Hayward says. "It's a little unexpected, a little absurd." As it turns out, that grizzly is a combination of a costume and a remote-controlled puppet. "The puppeteer is an incredible artist, who brought the suit to the shoot himself," Hayward says. 

Plus, he's always got a furry friend to drink with. Crack another wineski, bear-bro! 


Executive Creative Director: Mike Hayward
ACD/ Art Director: Nicole Koestel
Copywriter: Caroline Henry
Sr. Social Media & Content Strategist: Paul Balcerak
Video Content Creator: Kyle Illenda
Account Director: Chris Copacino 
Account Supervisor: Samantha Sidwell
Account Executive: Kendall Evans
Director of Production: Kelly Green
Producer: Kelli Garces
Project Manager: Kirsten Speller
Producer: Matt Jaime
Director: John Eames
Editor: Ray Gross
FX: Jason McKee
Color: Rendell Burghart

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