Burger King Shows In-Store Customers Behaving Badly in Hilarious Ad for Late-Night Delivery

Maybe it's best you can't visit BK right now

Burger King is the master of putting its restaurants and products in a less-than-flattering light. That tradition continues in bizarre and amusing style with a new spot from David São Paulo—that shows you a great time not to visit BK.

The agency assembled what it says is real footage of late-night shenanigans that have happened at BK stores in Brazil. And it isn't pretty. Many of the customers are clearly drunk (surely the most common affliction of late-night patrons regardless of fast-foodbrand). Some are throwing food at each other. They're pulling each other's pants down. It's a disaster.

The spot is quite reminiscent of the famous Harvey Nichols ad "Shoplifters," but still very entertaining to watch:

BK | Late Night Stores

BK has shut down much in-store dining in Brazil during the coronavirus pandemic, but has been offering deals on home delivery—up to 70 percent off for orders between midnight and 5 a.m. So, the work cleverly looks at the social isolation, at least in this instance, as maybe a good thing—with BK admirably willing to be the butt of its own joke.

"The film shows exactly what used to happen late-night in BK's restaurants," says Rafael Donato, creative vp at David. "The scenes are composed of material found on the internet, videos sent in by consumers, and videos captured by our team at BK's restaurants before the pandemic."

"We are always tuned into the behavior of our customers, to create offers and services that tend to their needs," adds Thais Souza Nicolau, Burger King communication and innovation director. "Over the past few months, we've been seeing recurring mentions on our social media channels about people who miss visiting our stores, so we decided to play with our own 'embarrassing situations' through this campaign and bring humor to our consumers during the pandemic."

Previous BK campaigns that have showed the stores or products in an unflattering flight include "Burning Stores," which used real photos of BKs on fire, and "Moldy Whopper," which used images of rotting burgers to deliver a message about BK move away from preservatives.


Agency: David SP 
Campaign: Late Night Stores 
Client: Burger King Brasil 
Product: Institutional 
MD, Global COO: Sylvia Panico 
Global CCO & Partner: Pancho Cassis 
Creative VP: Rafael Donato 
Creative Director: Edgard Gianesi 
ACD: Fabrício Pretto, Rogério Chaves 
Creatives: Fabrício Pretto, Rogério Chaves 
Account: Carolina Vieira, Rafael Giorgino, Juliana Chediac, Martina Adati 
Production: Fabiano Beraldo, Fernanda Peixoto, Andressa Cardoso 
Planing: Daniela Bombonato, Carolina Silva, Tábata Pimentel 
Media: Marcia Mendonça, Mateus Madureira, Felipe Braga, Letícia Defina, Renata Oliveira 
Innovation and Techonology: Toni Ferreira, Gustavo Nanes 
Social media: Lucas Patrício 
Data Intelligence: Mailson Dutra, Ana Veiga 
Client Approval:  Ariel Grunkraut, Thais Nicolau, Filipe Botton, Natalie Bursztyn, Marilia Santos, Stephanie Pellin, Natalie Ann e Vinícius Simon de Freitas 
Production Company: Café Royal  
Director: Irmãos Meirelles  
Team Café Royal: Fabio Meirelles, Alexis Muller, Moa Ramalho, Nanci Bonani e Andreza Oliveira, Alex Missaka  
Post production company: The End  
Team The End: Anita Cintra, Uriel Arakilian  
Sound Production: LOUD 
Team LOUD: Felipe Vassão / Gustavo Garbato /Maia Feres/Priscila Miranda

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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