British Pet Brand Sends Boris Johnson a Furry Message of Love

Can ManyPets ease the disgraced PM's mind?

As embattled British prime minister Boris Johnson prepares to step down, he can take heart that his bestest bud Dilyn, a Jack Russell mix, won't let political scandal stand in the way of sloppy face licking or leg-humping romps in the park.

Cat and dog insurance brand ManyPets drove home that point yesterday by dispatching an advertising van to 10 Downing Street in a timely stunt engineered by creative studio Uncommon.

Aw, who needs the G7 when Bowser's so cuuuuuuuute? (Though brunch with Macron seems special.)

ManyPets' broader, eye-catching out-of-home campaign broke this week, dangling the proposition that insuring Rover and Mittens helps safeguard our fragile human happiness. They've got data points from a recent survey for support, so it must be true!

Big ol' pooch and kitty mugs abound, along with simple headlines casting such beloved companions as "spirit guides," "personal trainers," "anti-stress balls" and "uppers." (The dog immediately below does look a tad buzzed. Still.)

"No one can deny that the relationship between pet and pet parents brings incredible mutual benefit," says Ryan Wheaton, global creative and brand director at ManyPets. "Uncommon have managed to capture the limitless ways our pets look after us. In return, pet parents are looking for more ways to keep their pets happy and healthy for longer, and ManyPets is here to help ensure that happiness."

Variations on this theme also inform notable work from Petco and PetSmart, with animal health and wellness coming to the fore, inseparably linked with their owners' well-being, particularly during anxious pandemic times.

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