Apple's 'Relax, It's iPhone' Presents the Worst Karate Kid

From ace director Andreas Nilsson

Who wants to watch some random karate kid repeatedly fail to break wooden boards as his family looks on, filming each sweaty second all day long with an iPhone 15?

Everyone, surely. And now we've got the chance, thanks to this new "Relax, It's iPhone" commercial:

Apple | One More

He'll need some ice to take down the swelling.

Now, who wants to see a teenager plow down her nervous dad's trash can as she drives off to college?

Apple | New Driver

There's a bird attack, too. Or maybe it's just being playful. Either way, look out below!

Apple | Swoop

Biscuit director Andreas Nilsson—who gave us classics like Volvo's "Epic Split"—delivers his special brand of absurd humor with an Apple twist for "One More" and "New Driver," working with Apple's in-house team. Tom Noakes directed "Swoop" with a similar deft touch, collaborating with TBWA\Media Arts Lab Sydney for the Australian market.

We get great visuals and sharp storytelling in sync with past "Relax" outings. Plus, there's Apple's trademark use of tunes supporting the silliness.

This approach amusingly illustrates the value of long battery life and check-in notifications. It maintains focus through humor that doesn't overreach. Though perhaps not black-belt-caliber creative, it's just a notch below.

These shorts tweak a familiar template and could slice through the clutter like a dojo-trained fist. As for breaking pine blocks, well ... don't give up, kid.


"One More" - "How Many Times" by JJ & The Mood
"New Driver" - "Goodbye" by Aloe Blacc
"Swoop" - "Fracture" by Apashe & Flux Pavilion

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