Apple's Exhilarating OOH Leaps Into Dance

'Shot on iPhone' kicks up its heels

Apple widens its cultural lens with new "Shot on iPhone" ads, shifting the focus from films to out-of-home displays. The tech titan's Apple Marcom in-house team engaged four renown photographers for a series dubbed, "Dance, Shot on iPhone."

There's no video, but plenty of movement, as the iPhone 14 Pro hits the floor with flamenco, vogue, ballet, Ghoomer, Takai and more. 

The first images in the global initiative, created with New York-based Japanese-American Tess Ayano, reveal a wealth of detail. Technically, these frames are frozen—but her photos pack massive energy.

Apple's upped its exposure in the ad space of late, updating several of its acclaimed commercial series in recent weeks.

Yesterday, we looked at "Shot on iPhone's" cinematic K-pop outing with South Korean girl band NewJeans. (Which features plenty of dancing, too.) Those white-collar "Underdogs" returned in a light-hearted heist caper to hype Apple's security features. And "Relax, It's an iPhone" shook off the dust with "Tractor," about a farmer drive his pumpkin so very agonizingly slowly to market.

It's all quite impressive, as Apple weaves its products and services into varied scenarios. Amazingly, the integrations never feel forced. (Which surely speaks to branded tech's ubiquity in our daily lives. So, what we've got here is truth in advertising.)

With "Dance," the company steps up its game, exploring somewhat unexpected territory and inviting more folks into the picture.

You can see more of Ayano's work below. The photo series also includes work from Brazilian image maker Gleeson Paulino, Indian fashion and commercial photog Farhan Hussain, and Ghanian artist/filmmaker David Nana Opoku Anssah.

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