Swiped! Apple's 'Underdogs' Chase After Their Stolen Mac

Amusing entry in the popular series

"No password, no burrito, boys."

With that memorable line, a pawn-shop clerk dismissed two thieves when they try to unload a stolen MacBook Air.  It belongs to Bridget, one of the brand's entrepreneurial "Underdogs."

These four white-collar owner types—on deadline for a big investor presentation and hamstrung without that particular Mac—return from past ads in "Swiped." It's a lighthearted, 8-minute romp from Apple Marcom that sends up chase flicks and crime thrillers.

You might guess that this adventure/product demo focuses on security. You'd be right. Encryption, remote-lock, remote erase-data, location tracking and more—across Macs, iPhones and Apple Watches—punctuate the storyline.

It almost rocks a post-cyberpunk vibe, with some Home Alone and CSI tossed in.

The "Underdogs" are always amusing, and Bridget, played by Mia Schauffler, really shines. Traipsing all around town after the perps, she's a study in a comic anxiety and grim determination.

The best bits come at the pawn shop, where she unwittingly bops one of the thieves in the face after opening the door. The aforementioned clerk's pop-culture patter—with gems like "Calm your farm" and "This thing's got more security than Area 51"—is priceless.

This marks the fourth "Underdogs" outing since 2019. It shows a bit more scope, taking the gang out of their familiar office spaces for relatable hijinks and quips.

Apple's all about its ad series these days. "Shot on iPhone" continues to please with globe-hopping epics. "Relax, It's an iPhone" (which uses surreal humor to tout off non-camera functions) just generated one of its finest installments.

Unlike those, "Underdogs"—with episodes directed by Mark Molloy through Smuggler—features recurring characters. They've grown through the years with an expanding story-arc, mixing chuckles and brand-performance messages hyping a dizzying array of features and devices.

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