Apple Unleashes 'The Invincibles' for National Dog Day

This 'Shot on iPhone' tale will tug at your heartstrings

Apple's long-running "Underdogs" ad series focus on humans in the workplace. But its latest "Shot on iPhone" video, "The Invincibles," presents a yank-your-heartstrings look at actual canines overcoming adversity. Created by TBWA\Media Arts Lab, its launch is timed to National Dog Day, Aug. 26.

In the clip, we meet tripod animals and disabled dogs whose lives change thanks to loving owners and cutting-edge technology.

The tale revolves around Trip, a spunky puppy that had a front leg amputated due to a deformity. Fast forward to the present, and the video follows Trip to 3DPets, a business in Boonton, N.J., that outfits animals with prosthetic limbs.

The company uses the LiDAR Scanner and TrueDepth technology on the iPhone 14 to help make the prosthetic. The LiDAR can create 3D maps of objects and its TrueDepth tech provides data in real-time allowing users to determine the distance of an object from the front-facing camera.

Good luck finding Trip once his prosthetic is on. He's romping through grass, up a hill, across a stream, catching a ball. The vid ends with additional dogs outfitted with prosthetics or a cart so they, too, can run, play and be limitless.

BRB, going to get some dust out of my eyes.

iPhone 14 Pro | The Invincibles | Apple

The vid will be edited as a 30-second broadcast spot, a YouTube pre-roll, DOOH and imagery of Trip and other doggos debuts this week. Along with Trip, there's Eve, Samson and Cleo, all with a front full-limb prosthesis, and P!nk, who uses a cart.


Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
Director: India Sleem
Photographer: Leeor Wild

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