No Press-ure! Apple's Latest Funny Ads Are Très Understated

Everyday follies and foibles

No guitars were harmed in the making of these ads.

Instead, Apple serves up quiet, quirky, presumably benign boosters for its credit card offering. The subdued humor really scores.

Gone, of course, is that pesky hydraulic press destroying elements of creative expression—and, some groused, the human spirit—to hype iPads. 

Andreas Nilsson directed this trio of fresh spots breaking today:

Apple | Ladder
Apple | Sweater
Apple | Sock

Nothing to offend the masses there. Probably.

As with most Apple efforts, the music really pops, particularly in "Ladder," with a Greek chorus of sorts commenting on the action. "Täysikuu" by Olavi Virta accompanies "Sweater," and "A Turn of Events" by Labrinth serves as the soundtrack for "Sock." Both choices add extra dimension.

The videos will run across TV, YouTube and paid digital.

Also this week, Apple iPad's first post-"Crush!" campaign focused on flesh-and-blood creators in work starring actress Sofia Wylie:

Apple | Worlds Made on iPad

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