Apple Decorates Billboards With Its Famous Shopping Bag

Complete with snazzy holiday logo

It's the time of year for gifting, festive commercials and kaiju-sized shopping bags on billboards across the globe. We're talking about an iconic white bag with a small silver logo. 

No need for a name, tagline or copy. Everyone will instantly recognize the brand. (Sorry, Samsung!)

Apple created the work in-house, with OOH and social media launching this week. Billboard locations include high-traffic areas of Boston, Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, Paris and Munich.

Apple Store walls and the tech titan's social feeds will be tricked out in similar fashion.

The push wraps up another notable Apple advertising year with a seasonal bow. Other ace efforts ranged from rockin' iPhone vids starring Olivia Rodgrio and NewJeans to a fresh "Underdogs" installment and this Ludacisly minimalist spot with a tractor. 

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