Apple AirPods Transform a City Into a Wonderland of Trampolines

'Bounce' your blues away

Can Apple's wireless AirPods cure the daily blues? 

Sure looks like it, based on "Bounce," a new spot from TBWA\Media Arts Lab. 

In this most memorable two-minute black-and-white ad, a dispirited city-dweller begins his day in a foul mood. He must have a job. Or not have one. Either way.

But once he puts on those AirPods, cranks up Tessellated's jaunty "I Learnt Some Jazz Today" and hits the streets, his spirits start to rise….

… and rise … and then rise some more. 

It's almost as if every urban surface—the pavement, construction sites, office-tower walls—have magically morphed into…

… trampolines! Now, he feels lighter than air! His cares melt away! Alas, the folks at the bus stop he leaps over don't seem too thrilled with their prospects. Better head over to the Apple Store, people!

Ultimately, it's a human cartoon with lots of dope details. (Note the walk signal with its "joyously run" icon.) 

Gorgeously staged and shot, the spot features our hero vaulting along in harmony with his surroundings because of the sweet song running through his head. His final destination, high above the bustling tableau, head literally in the clouds, completes the visual metaphor. 

Sure, it's all wish fulfillment. That bouncing would send those Pods down a manhole after the first block. 

But that's the whole point. Apple's technology has always given users something to dream on, propelling us through our hum-drum routines with the hope that maybe, just maybe, today will be one for the highlight reel.

Which, by the way, is where this spot belongs. 

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